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US Army Investigating New Iraq Torture Allegations

By Tar De Moutonnoir     Jan 31, 2007 in Politics
Alleged former Abu Ghraib guard discussed gang rape of 15 year old girl in YouTube video.
The U.S. Army's Criminal Investigation Division has opened an investigation into a video posted on YouTube that alleges to show a former guard from the notorious Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. The video speaks of a purported 'pimping' of a 15 year old girl at the hands of an American serviceman. The man in the video is seen sitting in a garage drinking beer with friends and discussing his time as a guard at the prison.
He speaks of torture techniques used against prisoners including the use of a power generator on genitals and plastic bags around the head, he then detailed the gang rape of the girl and her subsequent suicide. She had apparently been 'passed around' for $50 to other servicemen. The men are seen laughing and enjoying themselves while the alleged former guard recounts the story describing how he felt that 'anyone with a f**king rag on their head (was) fair game.' If proven to be true, it would certainly cause quite a scandal.
**The video was not embedded because it has been removed from youTube, it is available through the link. An important factor to consider when viewing this video on the site is the real possibility it could be a hoax. There have been more that one example of that in the past, including a fake beheading video and fake torture pictures. I felt this was worth posting here b/c the history of abuse at Abu Ghraib and the fact that it is currently under investigation by the U.S. Army makes it plausible. If they found it credible enough to investigate then It's credible enough to post on DJ. I did not post this story to invite a million angry downvotes, I posted it b/c it is newsworthy. We await the results of the investigation which will judge its merit.**
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