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article imageBush Plays Ride Em Cowboy With The Press

By timmack     Jan 31, 2007 in World
The Press runs for their lives as Bush plays chicken with a massive D-10 tractor.
I hope that this Newseeek story is just a tad bit exaggerated. I mean I really hope that the Secret Service is protecting those reporters from the Presidents antics.
Anyway, the story is kind of funny, if its exaggerated and no one had heart failure or anything. But should the President be playing with a massive D-10 tractor. Somehow I don't think its one of Bush's brighter ideas. Rather I think, he should just stick to piloting those jet fighters, I mean at least he knows how to fly a jet fighter from his Army Air Force Reserve days, but driving a massive D-10 tractor may just take a little more skill.
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