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article imageOld dog Haven is heaven on earth for old dogs

By Brandigal (Donna)     Jan 30, 2007 in Lifestyle
A nursing retirement home for old dogs.
Old Dog Haven is a nursing home for elderly dogs who need some TLC in their final years on earth.
Judith and Lee Piper decided to home their home to help old dogs who were down on their luck, and quickly approaching the end of their lives.
The dogs are given warm places to sleep, good food, lots of friends, plenty of wide open spaces and lots of love.
They take in dogs that people just abandon because they are old or just not wanted anymore. They took in starving dogs and dogs that were thrown from moving cars. She said they have dogs they were found with their dead elderly owners. No one to love them.
They nurse the dogs back to health and hopefully find foster homes for them.
They rescued about 300 last year and even dogs from shelters that would have spent their final days in a cage at a shelter were taken to the Haven and shown love, and were not caged.
They said when asked about how they feel about the people that abandon the dogs or abuse them
"We try not to think about the people. We try to think about the dogs. If you wasted your energy getting angry at the people, you couldn't help the dogs," And those are the ones that really bother me. Really, really bother me. There's no excuse, there's not excuse,"
They rely on donations to help save the dogs. An address is posted on the link.
I love this idea. I could see myself doing something like this. I adopted a 13 year old tiny dog. He has only 2 teeth but he is the sweetest little dog. His owner was dieing of cancer, an acquaintance of mine and wanted Milo to go to a good home. We had a little dog already and he fit right into our home. So what these people are doing touches me.
Those animals final days were spent knowing someone loved them.
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