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Manitoba to Screen for Colorectal Cancer

By acehigh409     Jan 30, 2007 in Health
Manitoba is sending out colorectal screening cancer kits to people between the ages of 50 and 74. The kits are going out to individuals in two regions of Manitoba.
"Coming in the mail this spring for about 20,000 middle-aged Manitobans: free screening kits for colorectal cancer, considered to be the third most common cancer in Canada."
In some instances, early detection of cancer seems to make a difference in the effectiveness of treatments, as well as the methods of treatment that may be available.
The attack on cancer is currently be three pronged. Prevention, detection, and treatment are the weapons we have at our disposal. Ideally, cancer could be prevented, but where prevention has not worked, treatment becomes the next step. Finally, some studies have shown early detection to be beneficial.
Hopefully, this initiative will help in the battle against colorectal cancer.
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