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Castro is really on the mend

By Sheba     Jan 30, 2007 in Politics
Looks like those who are waiting for him to die to throw the party of the century may have to wait just a little bit longer...
Castro, 80, looked stronger but still frail in images of Monday's two-hour meeting with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, his closest ally in Latin America.
"This is far from being a lost battle," Castro said. He spoke slowly in an almost unintelligible voice in footage that showed him drinking orange juice and standing.
Castro who handed over temporary control of his island nation to his brother last July, underwent surgery for intestinal bleeding. Rumors that he had intestinal Cancer has run rampant ever since but the government and his doctors both deny it.
Well I know a lot of people want to see him dead - he's sure to die since he can't live forever - but it would be nice to see him beat this - then maybe he can die, lol. Personally he's never done anything to me or anyone I know or love so I harbour no ill will.
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