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The Word Ass Censored By The Sun

By timmack     Jan 30, 2007 in Entertainment
I detest porn and vulgarity, but I fear that the censors are now over reacting.
In the United States I have noticed that US Presidents often use the word ass, especially when they are in campaigns and they constantly say that they are going to kick ass at pep rallies. So, of course, I'm a little suprised that the ass word is censored so much in relation to the internet.
However, I can't say that I'm completly surprised. I was once censored on a Yahoo Groups Board, when I tried to post my Autobiography there, that just happened to be called, "I Should Have Been A Nudist." Of course, I was just having fun with the title, because I once washed a new pair of maroon pants in with my white US Navy dress shirts and it caused them to all turn pink. For sure, the US Navy was not amused when I was spotted wearing a pink uniform shirt. But, hey, that's
another story and of course in that case it was the word nudist in the title that was censored by the Yahoo Goups Board.
Recently I joined the blog portion of the online Sun in the UK. I posted a funny story there that was about my football playing days. This was a very true story and my ass was a paramount part of the story.
To give a synopsis of the story, I found out the woman were more fascinated with my ass when I played football, than all the touch downs I made. So, of course, I called it, "The Script About My Ass." I sent it in and then the next day I noticed that the title said, "The Script About My ****. As soon as I became aware that the word ass was a problem with the title, I edited it and promptly changed it to "The Script About My Youth."
But then I noticed that everywhere in the story where the word ass had been, the word ass was replaced with an ***, To be honest, I couldn't think of a word to replace ass with. Of course I respect the integrity of the Sun and I'm not complaining about going by their guidelines, especially considering that they have advertisers that may balk at the ass word.
All I am simply trying to say is this. "Have we gone too far with censorship on the internet, and would my story be more in continuity with its flavor if the ass word had been allowed to remain?" Anyway, the story is in two parts on the blog part of the online Sun. and I think you will see that the story is very clean. And again, I don't want to be judgemental, but I do wonder what others may think.
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