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eBay Delists Virtual Property

By guj_*     Jan 30, 2007 in Technology
eBay playing tough?
Leading auction site eBay is banning the sales of virtual profit as they imply that while hard work may earn you the property, you most likely do not have the right to sell it from the original I.P." Essentially eBay are saying that while it may be your labour that earns you that stack of gold, you don't actually have the rights to sell it unless the owner of the I.P. authorizes you to. In the case of someone like Blizzard, that's a resounding "ain't gonna happen". The sale of virtual items is already something of a legal grey area in the industry (one made only murkier by reports of gold farming sweatshops in developing nations), so while eBay stand to make money from allowing the sale of virtual items, this move should really be seen as the company safeguarding itself again potential litigation."
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