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article imageYoung Muslims in Britain Demand Sharia Law

By Mac     Jan 29, 2007 in World
Muslim youth in Britain are demanding that they be allowed to establish Islamic Law . . .
This story is really fascinating and speaks to a few issues. First, these radical enclaves are not uncommon in Europe - notably the Netherlands, Spain, France, and Norway, and they are increasingly common in the U.S.
The second element is that there are studies underway in many of these countries that show that the young generation - who are often not native to the Middle East where their parents came from, but rather to theWestern host country, are in fact more fundamentalist, more violence-oriented, more radical in their religious fervor, than are their own parents and grandparents. (One well-documented example is the Muslim neighborhoods of Paris.)
The question becomes. . . what allowed their parents and grandparents to be far more willing to successfully integrate into the countries to which they immigrated? What is feeding this worldwide religious radicalism in their youth?
Many in the West don't realize for example that most muslim women were in fact not veiled before 1960's, with the rise of the earliest radical extremist groups. This is a new phenomenon, even in the Middle East. The article cites a study specific to Britain, where young Muslims were polled as were their peers over 55 years of age. The differences - as they have been shown to be in other countries - are startling.
Turning to issues of faith, 36 per cent of the young people questioned said they believed that a Muslim who converts to another religion should be "punished by death." Among the over 55s, the figure is only 19 per cent.
Three out of four young Muslims would prefer Muslim women to "choose to wear the veil or hijab," compared to only a quarter of over-55s.
It's an important part to the puzzle of Islamofascism, and one the West is being forced to confront.
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