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Space Banana to Soar Over Texas

By bullseye     Jan 29, 2007 in Technology
Canadian artist claims his craft is meant to point out the absurdity of American politics.
Montreal artist César Saez is planning to launch a banana shaped 1,000-foot helium blimp that will hang over Texas in low Earth orbit. This ‘Geostationary Banana Over Texas,’ will launch in August 2008. “’I see Texas like a crossroads of important social and cultural happenings in the states and in the world,’ he says.” The project still needs financing to reach its 1 million dollar price tag. The ‘banana’ will consist of frame made of bamboo poles housing several polyethylene bags filled with helium. A value system with keep it pressurized during its ascent into the stratosphere when it is launched from northwest Mexico. It also sports several propellers to help the craft navigate the jet stream. Once in position, wind-activated gyroscopes will help it maintain it location. "’It's going to be a bit random. We want the banana to steer itself,’ says Saez. ‘Like having a boat in the lake going around in circles’." But the banana is likely to only last a month before it surface begins to deteriorate. Then it will burn up in the atmosphere as it descend. “The Federal Aviation Administration declined to comment on Saez's banana blimp,”
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