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Israeli Spying: The Mother of All Scandals

By Tar De Moutonnoir     Jan 28, 2007 in Politics
A documented record of the most relevant spying scandals perpetrated by Israeli groups in the past 50 years.
From Jonathan Pollard who sold nuclear secrets to Israel, to the latest AIPAC spying scandal the state of Israel and its benefactors in all their different guises have infiltrated the highest levels of the American government and spread mayhem for decades. There have been many cases of blatant terror and yet very few of these crimes have ever been properly investigated, they seem to just disappear.
There seems to be a double standard in today's world that sees the mainstream media relentlessly assaulting all things Islamic and often with no justification and yet obvious threats are mysteriously brushed under the carpet. One example is the plot to assassinate an American congressmen in 2001 by a member of the lobby group the Jewish Defense League (JDL), Not only are most Americans unaware of this murder plot but the JDL continues to operate freely. Going back in history, another important event is the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty which saw unmarked Israeli fighter jets attacking an American ship in an attempt to sink it and frame Egypt.
There is a lot of passion today and much movement from many groups whose sole purpose of supposedly 'exposing Islam'. Yet in this mad frenzy to malign a whole religion, the truth is more times that not, the first casualty. Islam is painted in broad strokes while there is no shortage of apologists lining up for those others groups that have been proven guilty. Is it not a double standard to target groups like CAIR on media frenzied half truths while sparing those other lobby groups like AIPAC, ADL and the JDL similar criticism?
by bocephalus w. references from wikipedia & lewrockwell
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