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article imageUpdate: Australian Sells Life on eBay for $5,790 US

By geozone     Jan 28, 2007 in Lifestyle
A man who put his life up for auction on eBay has now sold it but admits to being uncertain as to why he did it.
He is identified as a 24-year-old Australian surfer named Nicael Holt. For the sum of $5,790 US, Holt has has sold his name, phone number and all possessions which include clothing, a computer, childhood photos, his surfboard and a lamp given to him by an ex-girlfriend. The winning bid was submitted last week by a person known only as ridderstrade.
The package deal also includes a four week training course Holt will give on how to be him. Lessons on surfing, climbing, skateboarding and other physical activities will be given. There will be two months of free on-call support. Ridderstrade will get to spend Christmas with Holt's parents and inherit still tense relations with an ex-girlfriend that followed a bad breakup. The good news is that Holt is introducing the winner to his circle of friends and potential lovers.
"Friends will treat you exactly as they have treated me. This includes friends who take me surfing, running, climbing and cook for me. All of these features will be transferred over to the winning applicant."
Holt has set up a website ( to explain why he did what he did. But the truth is he is unable to explain his actions. Boredom and inquiring what constituted a life played important factors. He wanted to understand just what made him who he was.
In addition he hoped "to make a point that the amount and type of things that are for sale in this world is insane and wasteful."
Proceeds generated from the website are to be donated to a charity for the homeless and dispossessed of the world.
One last note. Holt did not sell every single one of his possessions. He is keeping his legal identity, passport and qualifications. His future inheritance also remains soley his.
This is an update to a DigitalJournal post by cgull here. Many people were wondering if the story was a hoax. Now we know it was not.
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