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article imageSenator Boxer Won't Give Back Award

By Mac     Jan 28, 2007 in Politics
In a meeting with CAIR on Tuesday, Sen. Boxer stuck to her guns. . .
Senator Boxer will not be returning the award she withdrew from an official at CAIR after learning some ugly truths about the organization, despite demands from CAIR that she reinstate the award.
In December, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif) gave a "humanitarian" award to the head of CAIR in California. CAIR, the Council for American Islamic Relations, is a controversial organizations with ties to terrorist activity in the Middle East. It sells itself in the U.S. as an organization working for understanding between American Muslims and the mainstream American culture.
When a public outcry arose, and some criticism even from members of the Democratic party in Congress, Boxer educated herself a bit about CAIR's history, and rescinded the award. See my original story here:
Protests by CAIR persuaded her to have a sit-down meeting with its officials. Shortly after the meeting Boxer announced to the press that the award would not be returned to CAIR, and that she stood by her policy of withdrawing support from the organization.
Why should we care about this? Because CAIR is arguably the most visible Muslim "humanitarian" organization in America. It seems to show up whenever there is a news story involving Muslims. For example, it rushed to defend the six imams removed from the airplane in Minneapolis in November, even threatening to sue the airline. ( It showed up to defend Muslim cabdrivers around the country when they refused to carry passengers with (unopened) bottles of alcohol or seeing-eye dogs. ( It sponsors the first Muslim member of Congress - Keith Ellison (D - Minn), himself increasingly controversial.
In the past, several pro-Muslim organizations have been shut down after monetary ties to terrorism were definitively shown. CAIR seems to be headed in that direction too. The story of its terrorist ties is interesting and revealing, but it isn't as important as the pattern it represents: that of pro-Islamic organizations whose outward appearance is that of a charity or social services organization, but whose real motive turns out to be the advancement and/or funding of terrorist activities.
Defenders of CAIR and like organizations still argue that there is no "proof" of its shadier activities. In fact, there is at this time abundant proof. It's leaders have been convicted not only in the U.S. but in the MIddle East of financing and smuggling arms, plotting terrorist attacks, receiving funds from Middle East based terrorist organizations. CAIR's criminal activities are a documented fact. And they continue to grow.
The other big element to the story is the rather newfound wisdom of Congressional leaders - members of both parties have gotten wise to CAIR's real purpose, and are making its life a bit more difficult. It's about time. The new determination by our leaders to confront radical elements of Islam rather than coddling and appeasing them as a "minority" as political correctness dictates, is very encouraging and speaks to their concern for our safety.
The article offers a great historical overview of CAIR as an entity for those who want a clearer idea. It's short, clear, and to the point.
"If CAIR’s mission statement is to enhance an understanding of the religion that it holds supreme, then it is surely succeeding."
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