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article imageThe Hidden Cost of Free Congressional Trips to Israel

By Tar De Moutonnoir     Jan 27, 2007 in Politics
The former Democratic Senator for South Dakota exposes the Israeli lobby's far reaching tentacle-like grip on the American congress.
It is difficult to deny the power to influence that lobby groups like the National Rifle Association (N.R.A) and the ones representing the oil giants and other large corporations in the U.S have. Their massive amounts of capital and support allows them to hold a disproportional amount of sway within the congress. King amongst these groups are the immensely powerful Israeli lobbyists. With their seemingly limitless resources of money and manpower, they are able to mobilize an army of supporters to push their views across the media and direct American foreign policy. These lobbyists are lead by groups like AIPAC and ADL who were the architects of the illegal war against Iraq. Behind the scenes they pressure, manipulate and buy congressmen, corrupting American officials and eroding the American democratic process. Sadly, they hold more decision making power than the American people do.
'Congress regularly passes resolutions lauding Israel, even when its actions are deplorable, providing it political cover. Meanwhile, polls suggest most Americans want the Bush administration to steer a middle course in working for peace between Israelis and the Palestinians.'
'The Israel lobby twists US foreign policy into a dangerous double standard regarding nuclear issues. The US rattles its sabers at Iran for its nuclear energy ambitions -- and alleged pursuit of nuclear arms -- while remaining silent about Israel's nuclear-weapons arsenal.'
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