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Names on Licence Plates

By Viga Boland     Jan 27, 2007 in Lifestyle
Are you a collector i.e. of things with some value and not just the usual household junk we can't seem to part with?
Well this guy in Hamilton is a collector ... big time. He collects all sorts of stuff and apparently you can't open a cupboard in his house without some collection falling out.
But why is he newsworthy enough to make the front page of our local paper today?
Because of one of his collections: he collects named licence plates and at a cost of $200 per plate, it's really becoming an expensive habit for him.
But this particular collection of named plates doesn't include just any names. Since Hamilton is a steel town and home to Dofasco, Steelcar and Stelco...just some of the biggest names in the steel industry ... Jim Scott has purchased plates with their names on them.
My initial reaction was AHA.. he's hoping these big guys will come to him wanting to purchase the name plates and willing to pay big for them. And as it turned out, Dofasco did approach him but
""We scratched our heads for a while but we couldn't think of a use for them," said Dofasco spokesperson Gord Forstner. "It was nice of him to offer though."
So I guess his collection isn't going to glean him big bucks by outright sales but maybe over time, his collection could be worth something to someone? What do you think? Has he made a good investment?
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