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article imageCat Undergoes Jarring Experience

By geozone     Jan 26, 2007 in Entertainment
When Mindy the cat spied a delectably juicy-looking mouse at the bottom of a jar of jam, she dived in after it....head first.
A driver spotted the tabby cat wandering near a road in Cambridgeshire with a jar on its head and a mouse just a few short, agonizingly unreachable millimeters away from its nose. He caught the cat and brought it into the local police station.
When the receptionist at the station failed to free the cat from the jar, she summoned three officers to help. They twisted and pulled but try as they might, they still could not free the cat. They also considered breaking the jar but feared they might injure either or both the cat and the mouse.
"It was like a scene from Tom and Jerry," said a spokeswoman for the police. "I don't think anyone had ever seen anything like it before.
Fed up with human ineptitude, the cat took matters into its own paws. She smashed the jar on the floor, liberating both herself and the mouse which promptly ran off, terrified by the sequence of events. Neither of the jam jar's captives were hurt in the process.
From the microchip the tabby was wearing, police were able to ID her as Mindy and and reunite her with her owner. When Mindy was found, she was two miles away from her home. No one knows how long she had been wandering around with her head stuck in the jar.
As for the mouse, it is still running around freely in the police station. Much to Mindy's chagrin, it was the one that got away.
The photo says it all. Hilarious and nobody got hurt in this, not even the mouse.
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