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article imageLiving Without a Mac. . . Not a Pretty Thing.

By Mac     Jan 26, 2007 in Technology
I hate PC's. Hate them.
(story by Mac)
I thought I would try to explain, to those unfamiliar with the utter paradise that is MacIntosh.
My Mac isn't working. My border collie, racing around the table like an idiot, jerked the cord out and did something awful to the keyboard. . . long story. Anyway, I thought it would be cheaper right now (which matters this winter...) to just invest in a download of Photoshop Pro X, rather than get the Mac fixed right now. This is what I have learned so far:
Mac: To make a simple button, with the word HOME on it, for a web site, you do the following.
1 - Open your wordprocessing program which came with the Mac (not as a trial, but permanently).
2 - Click a color red on the palette.
3 - Click a square below the color.
4 - Hold the click down on the mouse and draw a box on the screen. It appears red.
5 - Hold the click down a second time, and draw a box on the red. Write text in it.
6 - Save as a .gif.
PC: To make the same simple button.
1 - Open Photoshop.
2 - Open File, New Image.
3 - Set size and parameters for image, including background and foreground colors.
4 - Open a new layer.
5 - Click on box button.
6 - Click colors you want.
7 - Draw box.
8 - Click text.
9 - Set colors.
10 - Click again to open text box.
11 - Write text.
12 - Click to apply.
13 - Move cursor to position text.
14 - Save as a .gif.
Now once again. . . what the heck is a vector and a raster, and why the heck do I care??? You see, I could just watch the tutorial program. . . but I need to do it without sound, since unlike a Mac, a PC comes with no speaker system....another thing I don't want to put money into right now.
Is Mac deserving of it's "It's just simpler to use. . . " reputation?? You betcha. I have built a dozen or more web sites with Mac. My own buttons, backgrounds, graphics up the manipulation, you name it. And all without one tenth of the acrobatics required of the PC graphics programs. I'm not saying the PC's can't do the same. . . I'm just saying its much more expensive and time consuming to get the same results.
A word of advice . . . to those who love graphics too. Next time, spend the extra $300 (you'll make it up in not having to renew a dozen trial periods!) and just get a Mac. You'll be glad you did.
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