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Does your Love Life comply with State Regulations? You may be Surprised

By Chris V. Thangham     Jan 26, 2007 in Politics
If you date your own Dental Hygienist or Optician, Law will say you can't.
..under Washington Administrative Code 246-16-100, they "shall not engage, or attempt to engage, in sexual misconduct with a current patient." Sexual misconduct "includes but is not limited to" sex, kissing, "hugging . . . of a romantic . . . nature," "suggesting or discussing the possibility of a dating, sexual or romantic relationship after the professional relationship ends," "terminating a professional relationship for the purpose of dating or pursuing a romantic or sexual relationship," or "making statements regarding the patient['s] . . . body, appearance, sexual history, or sexual orientation other than for legitimate health care purposes," among many other things.
Washington State has introduced a set of laws last year, WAC 246-16-100. If you see a health care provider and find them attractive and try to establish a relationship, then this law states that you are banned to do so for a minimum of two years. This health care provider may be a dentist, eye care optician, any medical assistant, or any practising doctor. You would have thought as a consenting adult it is ok, but not so according to these laws. If you wait two years like a sincere law abiding individual, still you can't date that person, because the law states that if there is a possibility you try to see and get medical aid from that individual. What do they do if you say violate the law by dating and kissing, the health provider loses the license, but you are not punished. The law states it is effective September 30, 2006, there is no end date or whether the provisions can be altered.
Don't you think these laws are absurd, wonder which genius created this law?
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