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article imageWe Were Wolves: Interview with singer/guitarist Drew Haught Special

By Adrian Peel     Jun 4, 2015 in Music
Festival appearances, new EPs, hard-rocking tunes and the challenge of coming up with a name. The singer of this Houston-based band chatted over the telephone with Digital Journal about all of the above and more.
We Were Wolves, a talented bunch of mates who came together with the intention of making music around seven years ago, are a Texan rock outfit who have just released the first single (on May 21st) from their forthcoming EP. Both the single and the EP - made in conjunction with Diffuser.FM - are entitled "Ruin Your Weekend" and I was curious to learn more about this seemingly riotous statement.
Before getting on to that, however, I wanted to hear about the major annual event that the foursome will be playing in a couple of days' time, the Free Press Summer Festival. Other acts on the bill for this popular, two-day event, that begins on Saturday June 6th, include traditional country's man of the moment Sturgill Simpson, bluesman Gary Clark Jr. and quirky alternative rock quartet Weezer.
"We're playing a festival here in Houston, at NRG Stadium, called Free Press Summer Fest, and we're really excited," enthuses Drew. "It's Saturday we play, on the Jupiter Stage."
"I think it's been going for about five or six years now," continues the Beaumont-born vocalist, looking back on when he first became aware of the event. "I'm not exactly sure, but I went to the first two as a fan and saw some really cool stuff, like The Flaming Lips, Broken Social Scene and The Sword.
"It's awesome to be a part of it now as an artist because I went to it when it first started and was just blown away by how cool it was and how rattled the acts were."
The cover of the new EP.
The cover of the new EP.
Mike Gowen
Moving onto the subject of the uproarious-sounding title track off the new EP, Drew states, "Well, our writing process, I'm sure, is a lot like most other acts... We're in a room and someone might have an idea and we just expound upon it and let it go where we feel like it naturally is headed.
"I guess the idea of the song is just that simple things can ruin something you've been looking forward to, or something that should be enjoyable - something as stupid as getting into an argument with someone, or traffic or losing your debit card...
"Whatever it might be it can just ruin your whole time, and when you look back at it, really it was nothing - it was inconsequential - but at that moment it was the biggest thing in the world. That's what it's about."
The EP consists of four tracks and I wondered whether Drew had any particular favourites among them? "Yeah, there's a song that we have called 'She's Alone,'" he replies. "That's on the record and it's a little more spacey and psychedelic and laid back...
"The other songs are heavy-hitting, guitar-oriented, riffs and a lot of yelling and loud, fast drums. 'She's Alone' is a little more singsong-y. It does have those upbeat, heavy-hitting moments, but it gets a little spacey and 'floaty.' I really like that song a lot."
Guitarist Vinc Prihoda, bass player Chris Badger and drummer Zach Elizondo, who, according to Drew, is "50 percent Hispanic and 50 percent Italian," make up the rest of the group. When it comes to defining their sound, the singer is aware that their influences are quite far-ranging.
"We like a lot of different things," he explains. "We all like super heavy bands, but we're also really into some pop acts and songwriting is something that we value. Being a heavy rock band, songwriting is sometimes secondary to cool riffs or guitar solos. Even though we love those and we have those, we try to keep the songs interesting. We just do what we like and what comes naturally."
Might the four songs on the EP, "Home," "Ruin Your Weekend," "She's Alone" and "One Eye," appear on an album at some point? "Yeah, I think that we're gonna definitely use some of the songs. We're gonna see what sticks, as far as longevity is concerned, and if people end up liking something - and we think it's worth pursuing - then definitely, I think so."
Some of you may be wondering where the name We Were Wolves came from. Well wonder no more. "We started our band and already had shows booked in our local area," remembers Drew, whose parents are originally from Florida. "We were busy writing songs and trying to get our set together before we had to play these shows that we'd prematurely booked.
"I'm not sure why we put ourselves in that position, but we did. So as we were writing and doing all this stuff, we were like, 'Oh shit, I don't have a name for the flyer' and it was just something that we thought of and it stuck. We haven't really thought too much about it...
"Unfortunately, there's no great, amazing story behind it - it was kind of out of necessity that we came up with it."
The single "Ruin Your Weekend" is out now and can be downloaded from iTunes.
The EP Ruin Your Weekend will be available from June 16th.
For more information on We Were Wolves, visit their official website.
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