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article imageHe's baaack: Justin Bieber releases new song 'What Do You Mean'

By Marcus Hondro     Aug 28, 2015 in Music
The Biebs is back as Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has finally released a new song. Bieber put out the much-anticipated first single from his upcoming new album today and it has all the necessary tools to return him to the spotlight - for music.
What Do You Mean
The song, What Do You Mean, is written by Bieber, Jason 'Poo Bear' Boyd and Mason Levy. It will one day be a part of an as-yet-unnamed album, his first since his Believe came out in 2012. Perhaps intentionally it begins with a clock-sound - yes, long wait over - and piano chords.
It bounces into an energetic beat with a flute-like trilling sound and Bieber unleashes what is a far more mature vocal performance - the 21-year-old was but 18 on Believe - and yet it is unmistakably him, breathy, pleading, insistent. If the song is any indication of the quality of the upcoming album then his fans, there are still millions and they've aged along with him, will surely put its sales into the stratosphere.
What Do You Mean and the upcoming album, which Billboard says will be out November 13, is a collaboration with L.A. musician, singer and producer Skrillex, their first time working together on a Bieber project.
Previously Bieber appeared on a Skrillex song, along with Diplo, called Where R U Now. That song was on Jack U, the most recent Skrillex album, and will be part of Bieber's upcoming album. It's been a huge success already.
Bieber on MTV Video Music Awards
Bieber will perform the new song for the first time live on Sunday, August 30 at the MTV Video Music Awards. He did his customary (though some may have forgotten it, it's been so long since he released new music) countdown to the release.
This time around the on-again, off-again bad boy turned to Instagram to countdown the final 30 days until today's release, enlisting celebrity friends, such as Alec Baldwin, fellow Canadian Michael Buble, Ellen DeGeneres and Kevin Hart to do the counting.
The song? Very electronic, very R&B, upbeat, infectious, great lyrics, great vocal performance, all accompanied by a video that is unique and compelling and that features skaterboarders Chelsea Castro and Ryan Sheckler (and that doesn't feature Bieber until the final quarter).
As for the album, Billboard has learned it "will include multiple piano ballads in which Bieber reflects upon his personal missteps, as well as spoken-word outros where he directly addresses his fans. We’ve been promised a project that’s more personally revealing than his previous albums."
They'll be contributions on the album from Skrillex, who produces, and Diplo, along with others.
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