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article imageSuper Bowl champ Ben Utecht talks emotional new single Special

By Markos Papadatos     Aug 13, 2014 in Music
Super Bowl champion Ben Utecht opened up about his singing career and his latest single, the moving ballad "You Will Always Be My Girls."
His emotional single "You Will Always Be My Girls" originated from a love letter that he had written to his wife and daughters on an airplane trip back home. "I got a call from a friend, who was the guy I co-wrote the song with, and we were talking about that idea. He asked me if I had ever written a letter to my wife and girls from the perspective of the guy who may not remember their names, and I told him that I hadn't, so I sat on a plane 30,000 feet above the air, writing this letter, and it was just an emotional process, and out of that letter came the song that we co-wrote with two other guys. It really hit a nerve in the neurology world, so I became an advocate for the fight against brain disease."
Utecht shared that his wife, Karyn, and his three daughters were the core of his music video for the song. "My wife is a very sensitive soul, and I know that this is a topic that has affected her, and will continue to. I just had a feeling that she was going to do a fantastic job portraying the emotion, and she did. I am so glad that she was a part of it. She really makes the video, and the video is about her and the girls, and the effects that brain-related issues can have on the family. She makes that entire video work," he said.
Ever since his retirement from football, Utecht noted that his future plans include being a voice for people who are suffering with brain disorders and diseases, and for athletes. "I am the national spokesperson for the American Academy of Neurology and the American Brain Foundation. Outside of that, I am still working on my greatest passion, music I just finished a new album, and I recently testified in Congress in getting the story out about this video and the song. It had a much greater effect than I thought it would. The next step is to release the rest of this album, and see if it affects people the same way that the single has done."
Utecht enjoys doing things his own way musically. Blessed with a huge voice, he is "all about writing great songs" and if they resonate well with people, he considers that "fantastic."
He concluded by thanking his fans for being "real and authentic people." "It's very helpful when your fans are people of integrity and character, themselves. I am incredibly humbled that I even have fans that want to hear me, and listen to me, and for them to have me in their lives is really special," he said.
To learn more about Ben Utecht and his latest endeavors in music, visit his website and on Facebook.
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