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Sprechen Sie great Pop-Musik-Captain Capa Special

By Kathleen Creighton     Aug 10, 2014 in Music
Hartford - One of the unique features of Vans Warped Tour is Kevin Lyman’s inclusion of international artists. Due to the cost, the tour is limited to only a small number so they make sure they deliver the best.
In the UK alone, fans are exposed to all manner of music from a huge variety of artists. They also listen to many international selections thanks to BBC Radio One. Here in the U.S. that is not the case. Very few international artists tour here and with corporate monopolies controlling terrestrial radio, people have to do deeper searches on the Internet or satellite radio to find great music, especially in the pop/dance genre.
This year, Captain Capa from Germany was one of the bands who traveled across the pond. They were part of the line-up on the new Beatport Stage. I had the distinct pleasure of spending a few minutes with Hannes Naumann and Maik Biermann in the press area at the Hartford stop last month. This was their second outing on VWT but their first doing the entire tour. In 2012 they did a shorter stint. When asked the “boot camp vs. summer camp” question, both guys said that this year was more “summer camp” and 2012 was “boot camp”. Two years ago they had a merch tent that had to be set up and broken down each day and that they had to man besides doing their daily sets. This year, without the tent, they could focus on playing and then spending time with the press talking about the band along with getting to know and become part of the Warped family.
Talking about some of the music that inspires them, both members said that they listen to Jimmy Eat World, Muse and lately a lot of R&B. They went to other artists' sets on the tour. Most recently they had become fans of Bad Rabbits and on their own stage, they liked to catch K Flay as often as possible.
This segued into the question of whether they had found muses that might influence their music when they got back to Germany. “Definitely inspired by the music because you're surrounded by it. It gets in your head and you do take it home with you. We are learning, through the training of playing a half hour every day, to be better live performers. We expect to be the monsters of live performance when we get back to Germany.“
Although Europe does have large music festivals, most only last a few days and stay in one spot so it’s hard to compare them to Warped Tour. The guys say that, again with the camp analogy, it’s like a summer-long camping experience that you get to play a half-hour set every day. It also offers the opportunity to see a lot of the U.S. and Canada and meet the fans. When asked about any unique cultural differences they've discovered with North American fans, they noted that prior to touring here their only familiarity with U.S. kids was from what they saw on TV or the internet. When they got here they found their audiences and everyone they encountered during Warped Tour to be very friendly. We agreed that VWT doesn't tend to attract kids who listen to Top40 radio and watch reality shows. Punk and alternative rock folks are generally more open to new and different things.
As far as radio and the music industry in general in Germany, Captain Capa says that it does share some of the less pleasant aspects of U.S. mainstream music - big labels that control radio and most of the market. Thankfully, though the country also has a very strong independent scene. Speaking of their own label, AUDIOLITH, “It is politically left-sided and comes from a punk background. The label has grown a lot recently. We are proud to be part of it. We are glad we have such a strong independent scene so we don’t have to stick to the major labels. But the scene could use a fresh wind over the next few years though, as there are some bands and labels that we’re stuck with right now.”
Hannes and Maik have been friends since they were five. They played in many bands at school and in the garage but never together until 2007. “We realized we were spending every weekend together so we said ‘let’s do something creative'. We bought a synthesizer even though we had no idea what to do with it. But we had been listening to a lot of electronic music, liked it and from watching these artists thought ‘how hard could it be?'” Now that electronica has become more popular in the U.S. (it’s been around for quite a while in Europe) adding Captain Capa and the Beatport Stage, which specialized in dance music, to Warped Tour this year were well received. Captain Capa also has an emo flair so they tucked in very nicely.
Captain Capa is now back home in Germany. Hopefully they will return to North America in the near future. Check them out on their official website, Facebook, Twitter, tumblr and Soundcloud.
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