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Review: JLo and Iggy Azalea collab for 'Booty' video

By Kathleen Creighton     Sep 19, 2014 in Music
The latest music video from Jennifer Lopez was released today on Vevo. "Booty" is a collaboration with Aussie singer/rapper Iggy Azalea.
The countdown at the beginning of this video isn't one for a lift-off. It's for an, actually an implosion. No apologies from this reviewer, this is more soft-core porn than a music video. "Booty" is merely another in a long, sordid catalog of objectification. The sad part is that this one is done by women of themselves. It's not to say that all female musical performers should hide their bodies and not swing their hips, but they shouldn't have to strip down to nearly nothing and rely on sex to sell a song.
Which then begs the question, "what's all the production covering up?" As usual, a really bad 'song'. The lyrics are nothing but suggestive rhetoric to entice men's attention to a woman just for physical gratification. The melody? Well is there one? There are about six notes in the whole thing. Is Jennifer's voice that great? No. There is zero musical value here and even the production isn't that great. The whole video was probably shot on a sound stage the size of a walk-in closet.
In an era where men are, again, working very hard to turn women back into second-class citizens, preventing laws that provide equal pay for equal work, taking away reproductive rights and vilifying single women especially single-moms, JLo would be wise to use her celebrity and her money to empower the girls who look up to her rather than send the message that only sex will get you anywhere in life. The one line in the song that really causes a needle scratch across the record is "it's his birthday. Give him what he asks for." If this is going to be about sex and empowered women, how about what the woman wants?
Of course, it's JLo, Iggy and sex so the video will get watched over and over again. It will appeal to the audience it's targeted to but it will also affect demographics not considered. It will convince people that bad music and bad art are good. It gets negative 5-stars from this reviewer. Form your own opinion here.
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