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article imageReview: Anne Simone's 'Bittersweet' EP is a strong effort

By Andrew Ellis     Dec 15, 2014 in Music
Anne Simone's new EP, "Bittersweet," is a mix of organic and electronic music complimented by a voice that is both polished and flawed when the moment calls for it.
The first song, "Digitize Me," has a very simple and catchy melody to it. It's a very electronic-influenced production which has a sleekness that goes together just right with her polished vocals.
Simone goes right for the ballad on "Gone So Long" where her voice is backed mainly by a piano. There is no polished feel here, and there are times when it's clear her voice is reaching its limits which proves she's not afraid to give the song the emotion it deserves.
She goes back to music that makes people want to dance on "Let The Heart." The song features the EP's heaviest amount of production, and while her voice seems to strain a little it doesn't distract from the rest of the song. It's clear she believes the words she's singing.
The title song is another trip into ballads, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of payoff. There's no auto-tune so the voice does add personality, but there's nothing that tempts one to press replay.
For some reason, the hook element of some of the previous songs is no where to be found on "Unsaid." The main problem seems to be that she doesn't seem to following the melody at certain times, and tries to add more words than can fit into a line.
The EP closes out with "Fire Rainbow," and the hook element is back. The song has an upbeat feel, but doesn't attack your ears like is common with many songs on the Top 40 charts.
Bittersweet is a great mixture of the catchy hooks found Miley Cyrus songs, but with an independent spirit that won't be kept to talking about the same subjects to get airplay. There is room to improve as always, but Anne Simone is definitely going in the right direction.
For more info, visit her website here.
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