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article imageOp-Ed: SYGU Network and the music video revolution Special

By Belinda Ware     Oct 6, 2014 in Music
Los Angeles - Music videos are plentiful online thanks to the digital distribution explosion that has positioned the the portable laptop,cell phone, and the tablet as a few of the high tech,convenient mechanisms for viewing content.
Channels like Youtube,Vevo, MTV Jams,and VH1 are four of the popular dominant channels that run programming of music videos on a consistent basis thanks to its loyal viewers who flock to check out the latest releases.
Yet, with the advancements of technology constantly exploring new options, somehow viewing a video is not enough anymore. There is a new trend that is sweeping across the digital airwaves . The idea of sandwiching the interactive nature of blogging and video placement is being pioneered by several forward thinking companies. One company that is on the progressive road to connecting media and entertainment is the SYGU channel.
SYGU channel recently launched its platform among the multiple video placement channels online setting itself apart as a maverick channel. The company brands itself as unique and progressive as a result of its global distribution structure available to indie and majors. SYGU is structured to air videos online, present music videos on Dish VOD along with a variety of other major online networking bases. With a variable platform and competitive distribution outreach, SYGU is a giant on the rise with video placement that can be launched on multiple outlets. SYGU has at the drop of a hat the connection to over 600 online and mobile retailers offering a wide range of options for musical artists. The company is taking on its competitors with the objective to brand itself as a one stop shop for major and independent music artists and record labels the like.
In a recent interview with the company’s founders, we got a chance to explore the vision of SYGU. Founded by Franklin Chavis & Sherman Theodore Carpenter with a parent company of GameTight, the channel is focused upon taking the music video industry to new levels of success encompassing video placement, interactive blogs, and other networking platforms that tie together to create the SYGU experience.
Question: Tell us the vision for SYGU.
SYGU: The company began as a platform to provide worldwide access of placement to independent artists who have a need to get their new releases seen and heard on a global basis.
Question: What Is SYGU - Music Television ?
SYGU - Music Television Network is a 24/7 video on demand network. We premiered recently during the fall of 2014 on Dish & DirecTV. With video placements on these networks, we are targeting 45 Million households. Our goal is to provide major services for video placement for independent and major artists who want more than simply posting their videos online.
Question: Why Should An Artist Or Indie Record Label Place Their Music Video's On SYGU - Music Television Network ?
SYGU: Artists can have the opportunity to get their videos premiered on a professional network that goes beyond basic placement. Our goal is to premiere videos reaching target audiences of 45 Million.These numbers appeal not only to those placing their music videos who will gain tons of new fans across the country, but also it’s appealing to the major corporations who know success and real numbers are what matter".
Question: How Do Recording Artists Or Indie Labels Get Their Music Video Aired On SYGU - Music Television? Is it complicated ?
SYGU: We created the channel with a simple approach with the option of using social media sites as the way to get their videos up and running.The first step is the artist signs up via facebook, twitter, or Google at Once they sign on they will see, "Are You an Artist and want to upload Music Videos?" At that point they click "Yes." The artist’s account is then created and their personal dashboard appears. Clicking "Upload Video" from the artist account dashboard brings the artist placing their music video, to the music video placement selection page. They upload from that point.
Question: Tell us about the work you do with artists. Is this a good time to send a video over to you?
SYGU: For the next several weeks, our account executives will be working with musicians and record labels placing their music videos from all across the country. As the music videos are uploaded by the artists, our technology allows the SYGU - Music Television Network editors the ability to download the music videos. The editors then start working on the premiere weeks run time along with production for SYGU - Music Television mass marketing with the option of premieres on Dish & DirecTV and continue forward.
With the flood gates now opening for multiple features for video placements in combination with expanded platforms of exposure, channels like SYGU are establishing their position to create versatile multimedia solutions to meet the growing need of talented creative artists bringing their videos front and center to the nearest cell phones, laptops and other tech devices taking videos to a more interactive and accessible level of exposure.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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