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article imageOp-Ed: German singer could summon extraterrestrials with song

By Larry Clifton     Oct 8, 2014 in Music
She says it’s originally from Mongolia and called Sygyt, but Anna-Maria Hefele’s singing style is out of this world. George Lucas surely would have cast Hefele, who hails from Germany, in the Star Wars bar scene had she been around at the time.
Should Hefele ever need to supplement her traditional singing career, her polyphonic overtone emissions would be a hit at any Halloween party or Trekkie convention. Better yet, she could study paranormal activities, be introduced as the "Berlin Psychic," and star in a German reality show.
Career consultations for Hefele notwithstanding, her artful performance in the attached video beckons extraterrestrial presence quicker than a Phil Robertson Duck Commander can seduce a mallard.
"Overtone singing is a voice technique where one person sings two notes at the same time," explains Hefele in the video above.
Hefele says she is able to sustain one constant low note, while simultaneously singing a high-pitched scale, which produces the impression of at least two people singing. Frankly, her performance may lead some to question her planet of origin. For her day job, Hefele is a classically trained singer who plays instruments like the harp, mandolin, piano, didgeridoo and Schwegel. For those inclined to ask, no, Schwegel is not a brand of bicycle.
For those who suffer tinnitus, consider yourself forewarned. Hefele’s throaty transmissions could trigger an episode, or perhaps silence the condition forever. In any case, your infamous author decided that October is exactly the right month to present Hefele’s awesome talent to the Eartly masses, and whoever else may wish to observe.
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