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article imageInterview with Lenou: Daughter of Nana Mouskouri Special

By Markos Papadatos     Mar 17, 2014 in Music
Singer-songwriter Lenou is the daughter of best-selling female recording artist Nana Mouskouri, and she is a gifted musician in her own right.
She opened up about her song "Any Given Day," that was released on Mercury/Universal France, which she co-wrote with her two producers, Oscar Paul and Rick Barraclough. "We wanted to create a song. I am mostly a performer but from time to time, I get inspired to write a song. 'Just Love Me' is very personal and it talks about who I am. We wanted to give it an Irish and folky atmosphere. I am really fond of it," she said.
Lenou revealed that she fell in love with the song "Any Given Day" due to its moving lyrics. "Every song that I pick or write always touches me personally and the story has to mean something," she said. "I need to relate to the song and I need to translate it when I am performing it in front of people. Hopefully, the people will be touched and like it."
Unfortunately, she will not be performing at next month's concert at Town Hall, New York City, as part of her mother's "Happy Birthday" tour due to that show date's cancellation, but she hopes to be back at some point in the United States soon. "I have not performed in New York for many years, so I would have been excited to be there," Lenou said. "The 'Happy Birthday' tour can carry on. It does not have an ending date. Nana is having fun and she is in perfect health. We are Greeks and we are always optimistic so we hope to come back."
Regarding her mother's influence on Lenou, she shared, "I grew up listening to her music, since she was the first singer I ever heard in my life. I grew up with her songs and they did have an influence on me particularly because she sang such beautiful songs in so many languages. The work she did with Quincy Jones is amazing. I listened to all of that and discovered the rest of her music which is wide and fascinating. She definitely gave me a foundation and made me want to listen to more music and she made me love music. While she was pregnant with me and my older brother, she carried on singing. She has always been very open and she inspired me to listen to everything and keep an open mind. She encouraged me to find my own voice and my own path and not imitate anybody."
Throughout her career, Lenou has collaborated with her mother, Nana, on multiple occasions. "We have such a good time singing together. We have a really good connection and we get along really well professionally. Our voices blend quite nicely and we look for songs that will suit both of us really well. We have a lot of fun doing the duets together," she said. "Nana is incredible. The career she has had is so huge and so extraordinary. It is strange to imagine. She has been so blessed and I don't think anybody could ever do that again. To think she came from Greece, out of a country that not that many people have heard of. She had such amazing timing. She met the right people at the right time and she was given fantastic opportunities. Her talent and her voice made it all come true. It's just fantastic. I am very proud of her and her career definitely."
Regarding her future plans, she remarked, "Aside from working with my mom, I have my own career going on. It's a lot more discrete than my mother, but I do work really hard. I produced a new album that I hope to release at some point and I do character voices for video games since I was an actor before I became a singer. I kind of slipped into singing. It wasn't a conscious decision to become a singer to begin with. I hope to release my album and do my own concerts and hopefully come to North America to tour a little bit. I am working really hard to make things happen."
She added, "I always make sure that I am meeting new people and collaborating with new people. I love what I do and it makes me feel amazing. I love to share this with others. I feel that this is my drive."
Although Lenou's music is eclectic, she noted that she would classify it as "acoustic pop." "In America, they call it adult contemporary, but for me that's a very abstract term. I really see myself as an acoustic pop artist. My music is not over-produced and there are a lot of real instruments and it has a pop feeling about it. I can sing a lot of styles of music. I love jazz and recently, I started singing in Spanish, and I might try out a few more styles."
Particularly impressive about Lenou is that similar to her mother, she sings in many different languages which include English, Spanish, French, Greek, German and Italian. "I don't speak them all perfectly, but I understand them quite well," she said with a sweet laugh.
Lenou praised her love for the mother country, Greece. "I love going back to Greece. I feel fantastic when I am there. I feel so at home and I'm very comfortable," she said.
For her fans, she concluded, "Thank you for being there for me. It's very encouraging. A lot of fans love my mother and they actually support me too. That is wonderful and generous and I send them all my love. Thank you for loving my music and I hope to see all of you very soon."
For more information on singer-songwriter Lenou, visit her official Facebook page.
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