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article imageInterview with country singer and musician Andrea Dozzi Special

By Adrian Peel     Jun 19, 2014 in Music
The oldest member of the swiftly-rising Australian country trio speaks to Digital Journal about their new single and upcoming album.
Andrea (vocals and mandolin), Jesse (vocals and guitar) and Nina (vocals and piano) Dozzi together make up Dozzi, an exciting and very close-knit musical outfit - born to parents who were themselves musicians - that has inevitably been compared to The Dixie Chicks.
Late last year, the hardworking threesome, who also have two brothers and another sister, released a new single, an enjoyable duet with fellow Aussie country singer, Drew McAlister, entitled "
I Need You Tonight." The song is to be included on a soon-to-be-released album, Risk it All.
"We've actually been in the States recording with some of Billy Ray Cyrus's team," reveals the recently-married Ms. Dozzi, speaking to me from her home in Brisbane, when asked about the Queensland-born trio's activities of late. "So we've been hanging out with him a bit, recording and meeting people. I only just got back yesterday, actually..."
Have the ladies considered moving to Nashville like a number of other Aussie acts, most notably Keith Urban?
"Yes. We've actually been talking about that in the last couple of weeks... It's not an easy task to do, but it's being talked about at the moment."
Believing that it would be difficult to live in the US on a permanent basis, the gifted singer-songwriter adds, "We've got a big family and we've got out first nephew, so we couldn't stay away from home for too long..."
"Yeah, we wrote it together with another guy called Chris Tuttle," says Andrea of the new single. "He writes and and he also plays keys for Emmylou Harris and Big & Rich. It was our second writing session of the day, so we were all a bit tired, but somehow we all came together and it worked.
"We were intending to write a duet and we were really happy with how it turned out... Our producer for that song, Michael Flanders, knows Drew McAlister and so he sent Drew the song because it needed someone with an amazing voice. It's not an easy song to sing and Drew obviously must have liked it because he agreed to sing on it for us."
Explaining where the title of the album came from - an album that the band actually began working on a couple of years ago - the independent artist states, "One of the songs on the album is called 'Risk It All' and so when we were trying to think of a title, we were thinking that it needs to mean not just the title of the song, but when you're putting a lot of money into recording an album, putting a lot of heart into it, putting every creative part of you into that, you are risking a lot.
"You're putting something out there for people to judge, so that's why we decided to name it that. It felt right - we were risking a lot. The date that the album's coming out is unknown at the moment because we keep recording more songs. We want it to be the best it can be, but all the songs on there we have co-written. Some we've done ourselves, some we've co-written with our dad. Most of them we've co-written with artists in the States."
And how would Andrea define Dozzi's musical style?
"It is country, but there's a lot of rock and pop elements in there as well because we do have a lot of different influences... So I would probably say the younger generation would appreciate it more."
In 2013, the sisters, who have spent the previous six years working to get to where they are today, won the Australian Country Music People’s Choice Award for Best Video for the track "
Love Away The Bad Days," surely a sign of things to come? I concluded therefore, as I often do, by asking about their goals and ambitions.
"We've always set ourselves high goals," replies Andrea. "We're not ones that have little dreams - we dream big. We really would love to win a Grammy. That's our biggest dream..."
"I Need You Tonight" (feat. Drew McAlister) is available on iTunes.
Risk it All should be out later this year.
For more information, visit Dozzi's official website.
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