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article imageInterview: Julie C Myers talks Stevie Nicks and 'Nearly Nicks' Special

By Markos Papadatos     Feb 2, 2015 in Music
Julie C Myers chatted with Digital Journal about her Nearly Nicks shows,where she pays tribute to rock star Stevie Nicks.
On earning Stevie Nicks comparisons, she said, "My natural look does favor Stevie Nicks so that obviously helps, but I'm a trained dancer and college drama major so for me it’s an acting job, not unlike those in Hollywood. I work very hard at it and I'm flattered when people recognize the attention to detail that goes into doing this. I've come to appreciate Stevie Nicks as probably one of the greatest songwriters and live entertainers of our time and I'm honored when people tell me I've done a good job of replicating that. A poorly done tribute comes off as more of a parody than the real thing. I don't feel that's respectful of the original artist's work or their persona. It can all get a little crazy sometimes when fans take it to an extreme. I'm often mobbed in places like New York or Las Vegas and have even been chased down Time Square by die-hard Stevie Nicks fans. I owe a lot of what's happened in my career to Stevie and even now, because of my tribute to her, I am instantly being given respect and consideration as I endeavor to be recognized as an artist on my own and release my first solo album next month."
Myers' greatest musical influences include Linda Ronstadt, Tanya Tucker, Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, Pink, Joss Stone, Don Henley, Justin Timberlake and of course, her musical heroine, Stevie Nicks.
Regarding her future plans, she said, "I'm busy now getting ready to release my first solo album, 'Rock On… Fearless Journey.' The album is country rock, and my influences come through fairly clearly I think. The release date is February 24, and should be available on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon. I'm very excited for the world to finally be able to hear music of my own. Aside from that, I am promoting my tour 'Dreams… A Classic Rock Fantasy' where I perform as Stevie Nicks alongside my picks as the best Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart tribute artists in the business."
When asked if she ever met the real Stevie Nicks, she responded, "I have not met the real Stevie Nicks, though it is something that I have dreamed about many times! I've dreamed that she actually attended one my Nearly Nicks shows. I think because her best friend did take it in one day in Florida. I would love to ask her what she thinks about my tribute to her as'Nearly Nicks.'"
Myers continued, "I love every aspect of performing and recording. Aside from singing, I am a trained dancer and was a gymnast as well. I need to be on stage. I love the exercise of pushing myself in the details of performing. I think it's the years of dance training and choreography I've been through. I also had so much fun getting ready for the recording we did this fall. Getting to share what I love doing with others motivates me to work hard every day and put on the best show I can."
For aspiring musicians, Myers recommended they never give up and work hard. "You can achieve your dreams no matter your age. Seeking out and surrounding yourself with people who believe in you is also very important. Setting aside time to do the core things that you, as an artist or creator, need to do. Social Media is important, but in and of itself it doesn't create or build anything except a fan base for things you have created. Creating and performing are the two most important things you need to do, and doing them exceptionally well makes all the difference," she said.
For her fans she concluded, "I would love to thank them for their amazing support and appreciation of what I'm best at. I'm so very thankful for the way I'm forgiven for whatever shortcomings I might have by the same people who have so totally embraced the things I'm good at. I love being able to bring the songs that so many people love to life, and am so grateful for my audiences' loyalty. Also, I would like to ask that if they love my tribute to Stevie Nicks, they check out my new album coming out next month. I think they're gonna love it."
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