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Interview with Garrett Nickelsen of The Maine Special

By Kathleen Creighton     Aug 17, 2014 in Music
Hartford - Garrett Nickelsen, bassist for The Maine, took a few minutes out of the beautiful day that was Vans Warped Tour 2014 Hartford stop to talk a bit about the band, the tour and Arizona.
The Maine are pop-punk rockers from Tempe, AZ. Garrett Nickelsen, along with drummer Patrick Kirch, is a founding member. The band started in 2006. According to Nickelsen, 2014 was their third venturing on Warped Tour. They have played it twice before but it had been five years since they last graced its stages.
Nickelsen talked about living in downtown Phoenix. In the not so distance past, the city conjured images of a large senior citizen population. But the bassist notes that there has been a turn-around in demographics. Today, most of the older residents have shifted to Chandler and Gilbert. The city itself is now younger and it also draws the college students from Tempe. The arts scene has grown to include a monthly First Friday event with bands performing in the streets and other live arts including painting. New galleries and performance venues have cropped up around the city. So it is definitely fertile ground for The Maine to continue to grow along with all the other area artists.
Talking about art other than music, brought up a signature question but one not usually asked of Warped musicians - what other arts does Nickelsen create in? He is an avid photographer and videographer. He's behind the camera for most of The Maine's videos. When enjoying downtime at home he occasionally will do some painting.
While chatting I noticed Nickelsen's feather tattoo and had to ask about the significance. It is actually the logo of a friend's clothing company – Lost Boys. My immediate reaction was to say what a fan of Hook I am and Nickelsen agreed that the movie is a favorite of his.
As other artists I spoke to that day noted, one of the best things about Warped Tour is getting to spend time with bands and artists that you don't normally get to because of differences in your music. Nickelsen had been in a band previously with the guitarist of The Word Alive. He said it was really great to hang out with friends and fellow Arizonans. His answer to the "boot-camp or summer-camp" question was definitely "summer camp." As far as inspirations from other artists on the tour, he said that, at least for himself, it was mainly the actual performance element not necessarily the music that he found enlightening.
The Maine had just released a deluxe edition of Forever Halloween which originally dropped in June of 2013. Nickelsen said that the fans have loved both versions and hearing the songs live throughout the summer. According to their website, The Maine is headed into the studio in November to work on a new album for 2015. But before they lock themselves away, they will do four special final farewell shows in October for Forever Halloween in California, Boston, New York with the final show on Halloween in Chicago.
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