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article imageEmma Hewitt talks EDM music, future plans and proud moments Special

By Markos Papadatos     Oct 30, 2014 in Music
Electronic dance music (EDM) vocal sensation Emma Hewitt chatted about her career in the dance genre, proudest moments and future plans.
Hewitt is drawn to electronic dance music since she loves the way "it brings people together from all over the world from all walks of life to share experiences or party at together." "Electronic music seems to have the ability to take people on a journey and bring out collective emotions," she said.
The songstress noted that all of her songs have been her favorite for a moment when they were in the process of being written and first recorded. "At this early stage of the idea the songs are all incredibly personal, I am usually living that moment, memory or feeling very intensely at the time of writing. Once the song is complete I feel like I move on in a way to exploring the next snapshot or moment in my head. So it is difficult to look back and choose an individual favorite. The new songs I am working on are my favorites at the moment because they are expressing the emotions I am going through so I guess I identify with those feelings and thoughts most passionately," she said.
When asked about her dream collaborations, she said, "There are so many talented DJs coming through right now and I am finding myself quite inspired by the sounds of 3LAU, he is doing some exciting stuff at the moment. I would also love to work with Trentemoller or Royksopp in a dream world."
Ironically enough, as Digital Journal reported, dance music acts Andrew Rayel and Aly & Fila, listed Hewitt as their dream female duet choice in music, which she found quite flattering. "That is lovely. I am a big of Andrew Rayel and Aly & Fila so that really is an honor. Hopefully, we will all be able to do something in the future," she said.
Growing up, she was heavily influenced and inspired by her father's record collection. "Dad was a big music fan, and I remember doing long road trips across the Australian outback learning to sing harmonies to the sounds of the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. I often draw inspiration from the music of my school days, not really so much musically as I draw from the feelings the music of this time used to give me," she said.
Hewitt added, "Memories were formed around the songs of those days, and everything seemed to feel more real back then. I love the way that any of the songs from my childhood can take me straight back to those very same feelings of yearning and hope, songs by The Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana. When I am writing songs, I always go back to these days and I want to recreate the feelings I had back then through the music I write. Hopefully, this new music can inspire similar feelings in other people on their journeys."
Regarding her professional moments in her career, she said, "Winning the IDMA (International Dance Music Award) for "Waiting" was one of the proudest moments. Being the first vocalist to perform a solo set on one of the Insomniac festivals was also a great moment. Some of the proudest moments though tend to be the more personal or less obvious ones; like someone telling you a song you wrote has affected them on some level, or seeing a room full of people sing along to the words. Nothing can beat that feeling of connection and communication with other people."
Hewitt revealed that she is working on a lot of new music at the moment. "I have purposefully held back from releasing music for a while now as I feel it is important as a vocalist not to flood the market too much, I wanted to come back fresh and inspired with new sounds. I am ready for that now, so I am looking forward to releasing the next lot of collaborations and solo material. I am hoping to push the boundaries a little more stylistically with my writing. I want to improve as a writer.  I am also looking forward to doing more and more shows, we are adding to the custom visuals all the time, and building the live performance angle to make it more special," she said.
She listed New York City as one of her favorite places in the world. "As soon as some of the new tracks are released, I will be looking at returning to N.Y.C. and other major US cities," she said.
The Australian native loves connecting directly with her fans, and she really appreciates everyone who takes the time to check out the music.
For her fans, she concluded, "To anyone who has listened to the music I make, I would like to say a massive thanks. The whole driving force behind making the music and the reason the songs are created is with the hope that someone out there may resonate with the words and the melodies, without the people listening the songs wouldn't exist.  So, I am very grateful for this."
Hewitt defined success as "making music that helps people feel something, and reminds people that wherever we come from, we all feel, love, hope and dream in a similar way."
For more information on Emma Hewitt, check out her Facebook page and Twitter.
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