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article imageCountry singer David Lorango talks 'Leaves of November' single Special

By Markos Papadatos     Nov 30, 2015 in Music
Country singer David Lorango chatted with Digital Journal about his single "Leaves of November," as well as its music video.
Regarding his single "Leaves of November," he said, "I sat down to write some songs with two other songwriters, and we started writing some of the music to it, and this idea of remembering that love that sort of got away just came to me. In all relationships, we tend to remember a moment, or a moment in time, that we can't forget – like that time you first looked deep into her eyes as she's sitting in your car as you go in for a kiss. Or in this case, that time of year – summer and fall – and the color of the changing leaves."
Lorango added, "We have that love in our lives where everything just felt so right about it, but for one reason or another, it just wasn't meant to be. You so badly wanted it to work out, you wish it could, and you still hold those strong feelings of love. But you know, just to even have that deep connection in your life, that’s a real blessing. And at the core of Leaves of November, it's about – not necessarily being sad that you can't be with that person – but being thankful and truly grateful to have had something that wonderful in your life to begin with. It's about cherishing that blessing."
On his future plans, he said, "Well right now, I'll be looking to play and tour around Southern California and the Southwest, then play some shows in the Nashville area around March. I also have some songs that I've been kicking around that I'm going to record next year. I'd like to say Nashville is the future! But really, it's going to be writing more songs and connecting with the fans, and continuing to do what I love."
He is drawn to country music due to its authenticity. "Hearing songs about real people, real loves, and real life – that made me love it the most. Whether it's Hank's 'A Country Boy Can Survive' or Toby Keith's songs about his climbing oil rigs, those stories resonate and they can reach all of us, coast to coast," Lorango said.
His biggest musical influences include Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. "I'm also a fan of Bruce Springsteen and his ability to blend big anthem type songs, but also write those songs about everyday life," he said.
Regarding the song selection process for your "Ride All Night" EP, he said, "I had about six or seven songs that I was looking to record at the time, and making that decision was really tough. There is at least one song I'm going to record for the next set, but they just didn't quite fit with the other songs I'd been writing with my team at the time. These four, when you listen to them all together the way I laid them out, kind of tell that story to first love, intense love, a bit of longing, and then kind of finding the right person at the end. I wanted each song to have a lot of energy too, to be able to be a bit more uplifting and have that punch – so I didn't include any ballads this time. I think together they were a first good intro to myself as an artist."
On filming the music video for "Leaves of November," he said, "It was my first music video, but it was a blast to film. Everyone – from Tyler the director, to Ivy the female lead –were all just great to work with. We didn't have a very long time to film it, so that meant getting a lot of shots in and doing it very quickly. But the team was just so professional, and we were all committed to getting the very best video possible. The director, myself, and my team also did a lot of the prep work before filming to make sure we had what we needed. Honestly, given how quickly I had to finish it, how little time we had to film it, I couldn't be happier with the final product. It exceeded mine – and honestly everyone else's expectations, and I got a video that I am very, very happy with."
Digital Journal's review of "Leaves of November" may be seen by clicking here.
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