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article imageWearable Tech and VR get mixed together with KOR-FX Gaming Vest Special

By Matt Terndrup     Jul 5, 2014 in Entertainment
Technology that you can wear is an emerging trend that will transform the way people interact with their games, their movies, and more.
As the Virtual Reality development culture takes off into the stratosphere, other innovative products are starting to catch on ready to take the gaming industry by storm. One such player is KOR-FX who is redefining how gamers immerse themselves in other virtual worlds. They combine virtual reality headsets with their gaming vests to create an experience like few have seen before.
Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Immerz, Inc. (the company who created KOR-FX) is an award-winning developer of cutting edge products and technologies. They have been fine-tuning their patented, proprietary acousto-haptic technology for over 5 years now, and are finally ready to release their product into the market.
After raising over $128,000 through Kickstarter, and testing out it at SXSW and E3, the KOR-FX gaming vest allows full immersion into games, movies, and music. It works by taking audio signals from the multi-media platforms and converts it into pinpointed high-definition haptic (tactile) feedback. This in turn makes the user feel like they are being hit by bullets, explosions, and is even sensitive enough to pick up the vibrations of the footsteps of the gamer walking along the virtual floor.
File photo: A young virtual reality developer tries on the Kor-FX gaming vest at OCVR s 2nd demo nig...
File photo: A young virtual reality developer tries on the Kor-FX gaming vest at OCVR's 2nd demo night in Southern California. The event was a huge success and attracted VR enthusiasts from all over.
The technology is fully compatible with PCs, Macs, game consoles, tablets, and most devices with a 3.5mm audio jack. All the person has to do is plug the vest in and begin playing.
Soon, an SDK will be released giving developers access to the hardware so that they can integrate the Kor-FX into their projects.
For more information about KOR-FX, check out their website here.
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