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article imageVideo: 'The Evil Within' Every Last Bullet trailer

By Can Tran     Oct 1, 2014 in Entertainment
Don't think you can always solve problems and encounters with guns and ammo as the latest trailer for "The Evil Within" shows.
If you're paying very close attention to the world of survival horror, then you know that the highly anticipated title known as “The Evil Within” which hits North America and Europe on October 14 for the PC and consoles (Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One). Unfortunately, Nintendo Wii U owners are out of luck. Bethesda Softworks has streamed a series of new trailers in preparation for its October 14th release date. The first trailer streamed gives a brief synopsis of the game's story and a brief tutorial on how to play.
The visuals of how the world is feels reminiscent of the reboot to “Alone In The Dark” in which you are in a big city. Game play feels reminiscent of “Silent Hill,” the remake of “Resident Evil,” and “Splinter Cell.” You will have access to weapons and ammo, but they are very scarce. This is an example of Shinji Mikami returning to the roots of survival horror as being credited with being the “father” of that genre due to the success of his first creation in the genre known as Resident Evil.
In the trailer, you can use firearms but have to use the ammo sparingly. In short, you can and will run out of ammo very fast. Without ammo, as the trailer shows, “normal” enemy encounters will become more dangerous. Thus, the game stresses more brains than brawn. Splinter Cell style, you will have to hide from enemies if you lack the weapons and ammo to fight them head on. If you are fast enough, you can sneak up behind enemies and swiftly kill them.
A crucial dynamic taken from Resident Evil is the ability to torch the bodies of your enemies after they are dead. The trailer encourages it. This is because enemies thought to be dead could come back and go after you again if you do not burn their bodies.
Traps in the game can be used to your advantage if you have no ammo or simply want to conserve it with the latter being very important.
The second trailer shows off the aesthetics of the game's visuals.
The third trailer shows off the game's audio.
Look forward to this game in about two weeks. If you have a PC and/or any of those consoles, provided you don't want head out for Halloween, then get a copy of The Evil Within.
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