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article imageVideo: 'Sleeping Dogs — Definitive Edition' 1st trailer

By Can Tran     Sep 29, 2014 in Entertainment
Feeling like staying in for the month of October? Look forward to the next-generation port of the 2012 game known as "Sleeping Dogs" along with all of the past DLC.
Sleeping Dogs, a Hong Kong Triad themed open-world game that originally came out early 2012, is getting an enhanced port in October for the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. The new porting of the game is called Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition which is jam packed with all sorts of goodies. If you did not have a reason to buy the game in the past, you may want to buy it now. If you already have the game for the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 console, you may want to trade it in and get in-store credit towards the purchase of Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition.
Square Enix, the publisher of the game, streamed the first trailer. It explains how Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition takes full advantage of next-generation console technology for better and smoother game play. Also, the visuals get the high definition (HD) treatment.
What makes Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition more attractive is that the game comes with all the previously released downloadable content (DLC). This includes all three story DLC campaigns: "Nightmare in North Point" (released for October 2012), "The Zodiac Tournament" and "Year of the Snake."
"Nightmare in North Point," a Halloween horror-themed campaign, puts you against the ghost of Big Scar Wu who is seeking vengeance as a Hungry Ghost. You are going up against Chinese vampires known as the “Jiangshi” and possessed members of the 18K group. You can switch between the modes just by visiting North Point in the regular game.
"The Zodiac Tournament" pays homage to Bruce Lee's final film, Enter The Dragon. You get a request from Inspector Tang to head out to Zodiac Island. You end up entering in the tournament while investigating Dr. Zhang.
"Year of the Snake," taking place after the main story, has you going up against a cult that is preparing for the Apocalypse.
Also, you get the special DLC costumes such as the GSP Pack, Gangland Style Pack, Square Enix Pack, and so forth. As the trailer shows, you can even dress up as Agent 47 from the Hitman series with his signature silenced handgun.
Europe gets the game on October 10 and North America gets the game on October 14. This seems pretty appropriate for the month of Halloween due to Sleeping Dogs having a bunch of costume packs. If you are unable to go out in costume, you can at least “go out in costume” when playing Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition.
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