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article imageVideo: 'Killer Instinct' Kan-Ra trailer

By Can Tran     Nov 21, 2014 in Entertainment
Make your opponents suffer with death and darkness with Kan-Ra, the latest addition to the new cast of "Killer Instinct: Season 2."
Season two of Killer Instinct, Microsoft's reboot of the franchise, was released mid-October for the Xbox One console. T.J Combo and Maya, respectively, from the original Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct 2, were the first two new characters added to the cast of playable characters.
Iron Galaxy Studios, taking over production from Double Helix Games, implied that new characters would periodically be added. The studio kept to its promise and will release the newest character, Kan-Ra, on Monday. Kan-Ra, like Sadira, is an original character made for the new Killer Instinct title. He also serves as a minor antagonist to the other characters.
Just by watching Kan-Ra's promotional trailer, it feels like Killer Instinct is stepping into Darkstalkers territory. If you played Darkstalkers, you should remember Anakaris. For the completely clueless, Anakaris is a mummy and Kan-Ra is a mummy, too.
At least Kan-Ra looks like a very creepy mummy.
Watching him in action, Kan-Ra is one aggressive S.O.B. You can watch Kan-Ra pounce on Glacius like it is nothing, but his fight style is reminiscent of a more aggressive version of Anakaris. The fact that Kan-Ra uses his bandages and sand magic is not a surprise.
Kan-Ra being made as a “trap fighter” is really not surprising at all. The fact that Kan-Ra is a mummy was the dead giveaway. If you can use your own bandages to fight, by all means do so. Don't let that fact deter you from playing as Kan-Ra. His combo attacks are serious business, too.
Detractors should at least give Kan-Ra a chance to prove himself on the Killer Instinct battlefield.
Kan-Ra feels like a combination of Raiden using “Displacer” and Quan Chi using “Warlock,” in Mortal Kombat X of course.
If you have the Ultra Edition of season two, you will get Kan-Ra on November 24th. If you have the Combo Breaker edition, you will get him on November 30th.
New characters will be released once a month until the end of season two, which is in 2015. You have the return of Riptor and Cinder, from the first Killer Instinct, to look forward to in the months ahead.
Kan-Ra has the honor of being the first mummy character added to Killer Instinct. He was the vizier to the Babylonian king. Attempting to take power for himself, Kan-Ra tried to have the king assassinated, which ended in failure. He was punished for his crimes and cursed to rot.
Babylon, today, is no longer in the picture.
He wants to take control of the world and “dissect” it. It seems likely he will have a personal storyline with Maya. There is also the possibility he will have a personal storyline with Spinal because they're both undead.
Come Monday, Kan-Ra will make a name for himself.
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