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article imageReview: The King of Kart — Mario Kart 8 Excites and Excels

By Eliana Robinson     May 30, 2014 in Entertainment
Mario Kart 8 (MK8) serves as a deluxe version of Mario Kart 7 (MK7). Mario Kart 7 is famous for its colorful display, the ability to exchange ghost data to play online or play wirelessly in multiplayer mode, and underwater racing.
Unlike MK7, MK8 has a greater variety, offers more courses and characters, and most of all — it defies gravity.
Mario Kart 8 offers 32 tracks with 16 of them from its predecessors. Some of the tracks, such as Cloudtop Cruise serve as a warped version of Super Mario Galaxy, whereas others like Mount Wario provide a completely different platform, which does not repeat itself like a traditional racing track.
Nintendo also places a more of an emphasis on kart design. It essentially allows you to construct your kart from scratch which gives the players more control over the entire game. MK8 allows you to unlock more parts and items quicker than ever before.
The most innovative feature is its denial of the existence of gravity. In MK8, there are courses in which players drive upside down and even on walls. It provides all of the zipping and zapping around as seen in previous games but with the option to drive vertically or completely upside down. The game’s new track designs factor in the concept of anti-gravity without creating compete chaos, which as a result can dissatisfy players.
Surprisingly, character design is still essentially the same. But it does provide about 30 characters to choose from.
Online play is better than ever before. Single and two-player split screen plays offer about 60 frames per second without any skips. Three- and four-player competitions offer about 30-40 frames. Online mode supports up to 12 players. The four online modes to choose from are worldwide, regional, friends, and tournament mode. However it still needs some tweaking.
Overall Mario Kart 8 is still the best kart racing game. It incorporates new ideas and old ones with a few new features. Its graphic display and soundtrack allow optimal presentation and its mechanics are wonderful.
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