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article image'Pancake' is the new addictive time-waster to replace Flappy Bird

By James Walker     Apr 7, 2015 in Entertainment
A new game rising in the App Store could steal Flappy Bird's crown with its simple but incredibly addictive premise of flipping pancakes with the phone to earn points and better pancake toppings.
Available for Android and iOS, the creator Philipp Stollenmayer writes on the game's website that the aim is to "Throw the pancake! Catch the pancake!" before adding "No seriously. That's basically everything you do."
The pancake is flipped by touching and holding the screen. You can earn multiple points by completing a successful flip but often the pancake will simply spiral off the screen or flop off the edge of the pan.
Achieving a decent score is as hard to obtain as it was in Flappy Bird. That game, published by Dong Nguyen last year, became a massive hit as players worldwide flocked to the title. This prompted Nguyen to take the app down, saying that the fame had got too much for him.
Motherboard reports that the game has a "surprising amount of complexity" despite being based around a single gesture. The time-wasting qualities of the game are sure to draw players back for more although the repetitive swipes at the screen may make you somewhat conspicuous in a public place.
Bennett Foddy, creator of QWOP, the original athletics game designed to draw frustration from players while inspiring continuous "try again" moments, has been playing Pancake and posting his scores on Twitter. He has now achieved a high-score of 70, reportedly by using quick, small pan gestures which he showed off in a YouTube video.
Continuing to play the game rewards players. By reaching set highscores, you can unlock new arms and pancake types that influence the gameplay physics.
Pancake is free-to-play but is supported by banner advertisements. The element of frustration is what allows games in this genre to gain and retain huge player bases and Pancake looks set to become more popular soon.
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