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article imageOp-Ed: Why online gambling is safer than gambling in person

By Elizabeth Brown     Jul 14, 2014 in Entertainment
Online gaming has been a part of the internet since the early days of the web in the mid-90s, but is a relatively new venture in the U.S.
The industry has faced a fierce legal battle in the states for nearly twenty years as politicians and law enforcement officials clashed with casinos over the legality and morality of offering the thrill of gambling online. In 2013, Congress finally agreed that it was finally time to join gambling’s new era online.
Now, New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware have successfully gained approval to launch U.S. based online gambling sites, featuring everything from old school board games to full blown casino games. It is estimated that New Jersey will bring in more than $262 million in online gambling revenue in 2014.
While some who are opposed to online gambling say the sites make it too easy to lose control, there are plenty of reasons why online gambling at home is actually safer than a trip to your local casino.
You’re in a safe place
A 2005 study from the University of Maryland found that communities featuring brick-and-mortar casinos saw a significant increase in violent crime, auto theft and larceny. Tourists who travel to casinos are easy targets with cash on hand, a lack of familiarity with their environment and, frequently, a belly full of free drinks from that lovely waitress at the blackjack table. The good news about online gambling at home is that your wallet will always be with you in the morning.
It’s easier to stop
Walk into any casino in America and you’ll find you have a hard time walking out again. Brick and mortar casinos are designed to keep you on site as long as possible. Maze-like designs can make exits difficult to find and even harder to walk through with the litany of last-chance slot machines and table games beckoning you to take one more spin.
The truth is, online gambling casinos are a lot easier to leave. Of course, personal willpower always factors in, but there is no denying that it is eminently easier to click the close button on your internet browser than it is to find your way out of a casino at any hour of the day.
You’re in control of your environment
When you’re physically visiting a casino, it’s easy to be swept away by the flashing lights of the slot machines, the squeals and groans of roulette winners and losers, and the sweet taste of that complimentary gin and tonic. When you’re at home, you’re in control of what’s around you and you have the option to set up some controls to keep yourself in check. You can set an alarm for yourself to limit the time you play. You can step away from your computer and go take a walk to clear your head. It’s harder to get swept away by the fantasy of gaming at home, because you’re still living within your own physical reality. And if you really, truly have a hankering for the sights and sounds of a real casino, you can let go of your mouse and pop in a DVD copy of “Swingers.”
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