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article imageOp-Ed: Affordable games with the best value during the Steam Sale

By Stan Rezaee     Jun 25, 2014 in Entertainment
Once again Steam is having its annual summer sale which means gamers are going to create a massive backlog and maybe file for bankruptcy.
A gamer will never be free of their backlog but one could avoid financial problems if they look for the best deals. Sometimes if a gamer is patient, they could purchase an entire series for less than $15.00.
The following are some of the best deals available during the Steam Sale but prices could change based on special offers of the day.
Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition - Explore the entire Capital Wasteland with the original game and its DLC collection. Create a unique character then escape Vault 101 to find your dad and stop the Enclave form exterminating the local population. The players action determine the course of the game and the final outcome.
Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition - Explore the entire Mojave Wasteland with the original game and its DLC collection. Create a unique character then travel across the Mojave in search of the man who tried to kill you and then join a major faction to takeover New Vegas. The players action determine the course of the game and the final outcome of who controls the wasteland.
Far Cry Franchise Pack - With Far Cry 4 coming this year, it never hurts to go back and check out one of the most groundbreaking games. The collection includes the original trilogy along with the DLC and Blood Dragon spin-off. Each game has a random character tossed into a tropical conflict zone that they need to fight their way through.
A screenshot of Sam Fisher in  Splinter Cell: Black List.
A screenshot of Sam Fisher in "Splinter Cell: Black List."
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Elite Echelon Edition - A collection of the entire series (except for Blacklist) that puts players in the role of Sam Fisher. Go back to the original game and finish it all with Conviction. However gamers can purchase Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklistseparately for a good price during the sale.
Just Cause Collection - A game well known for giving players a grappling hook, the ability to fart parachutes and the freedom to cause as much mayhem as possible. Oh and there is some plot about having to overthrow some evil dictatorship by working with rebels. This collection includes the original games along with all the DLC.
ARMA X: Anniversary Edition - Hailed as one of the most realistic military simulators, this collection includes the entire series (except for ARMA III) along with all the DLC's along with ARMA: Cold War Crisis (originally released as Operation Flashpoint). For gamers who enjoy military games but are tired of easy to play titles, than the ARMA X: Anniversary Edition.
Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack - Remember back in days when all a gamer needed for Holidays was a GTA game and they were set till next year? This collection includes the original series GTA games along with Grand Theft Auto IV and the DLC. Return to the classic streets of Liberty City and Vice City or explore the state of San Andreas.
 Saints Row IV
'Saints Row IV'
Saints Row Wiki
Saints Row Ultimate Franchise Pack - Anyone who loves video games needs to nab the series that stopped taking itself seriously along time ago. Take charge of the Saints and reign mayhem with your crew as either a gangster, business mogul or the President of the United States of America. The pack also includes all the DLC's to help better customize your character and setting.
Hitman Collection - Take on the role of Mr. 47 in this collection of games were silence is your friend and the targets offer massive payouts. Go back to the original game were it all started or play through Absolution. This collection also includes all the DLC's that allow players to customize their gameplay experiences.
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Complete Pack - Ideal for military gamers and fans of Tom Clancy, this collection features the original PC games along with the Advanced Warfigher series. Players command the Ghost as they are deployed to major crisis zones across the globe and close to the homefront.
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