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article imageKirkman on 'Walking Dead' games: As long as people cry!

By Can Tran     Dec 13, 2014 in Entertainment
Robert Kirkman, the man behind "The Walking Dead" franchise, says he gives creative freedom to the game companies. He requests the games have stories and events that get people all emotional.
WARNING: TV show and video game spoilers ahead
IGN, the online news media publication, which specializes in video games and film, had a sit down interview with Robert Kirkman. If you have no idea who Kirkman is, he is the brains behind the insanely popular The Walking Dead, which airs on AMC on Sunday nights. You might be familiar with the TV show and not be familiar with the ongoing graphic novel, which the show is adapted from. If you read the graphic novel and watched the show, pointing out the stark differences are no problem.
For anybody that have watched the show and not read the comic or vice-versa, there are a number of differences you may not have realized.
The decapitation scene by the Governor, Tyrese was killed in the comic and Hershel was killed in the show.
In the “leg eating” scene, early in season five, Dale is the victim in the comic and Bob Stookey is the victim in the show. The lead cannibal is named Chris in the comic and Gareth in the show.
Tyrese has a daughter, Julie, in the comic, and a younger sister, Sasha, in the show.
In the comic, Rick's group learned that you can still become a zombie without any contact with the infection. That was shown when Julie and Chris, a different one, tried a suicide pact. Chris accidentally fired early and killed Julie. Julie reanimates as a zombie when Tyrese cries over her body.
Carol, who is still alive in the show, died in the prison before it gets attacked by the Governor. She allowed herself to be bitten by a zombie. Sophia, her daughter, died early in the show, but is still alive in the comic as Maggie's adopted daughter.
Daryl Dixon, a major protagonist in the show, is not present in the comic, though Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, is begging Kirkman to add Daryl to the comic. It is unknown if Kirkman will add Daryl, but seems unlikely as the story is entering the “Whisperer” arc.
Telltale Games made a point and click adaptation of The Walking Dead, which is takes place in the graphic novel universe.
Season one of the game placed players in the shoes of Lee Everett, a former college professor about to get taken to jail for killing a politician, who slept with his wife. Season two focused on Clementine, Lee's companion in season one. It also reunited her with Kenny, believed to have died at the end of season one, and Clementine.
The game's story has proven to be tragic as the graphic novel and show. Horror, tragedy, and unpredictability drive The Walking Dead.
Why does Kirkman make people cry and feel hurt with his stories and games? It's because he wants to and he does have a valid point. Tragedy and adversity are important plot drivers for characters who are living in a post-apocalyptic world like a zombie plague.
Kirkman, with regards to the game adaptations, wants to give the companies freedom to do what they do best. He explains that the games would be terrible if he got all “control freak,” but he requested that the games need to make people get all emotional and cry.
If you play the games, it is apparent. Examples include the death of Carly in season one and the death of Sam in the first episode of season two. That extended to the death of Beth Greene, who was killed in the mid-season finale of season five.
In a different interview, Kirkman addressed the zombie virus. If you ate the limb of a person who was infected, addressing Gareth and his group feasting on Bob's leg, you wouldn't get infected. Kirkman added that the flesh didn't have to be fully cooked.
If you have sex with an infected person, you will not get infected.
Kirkman compared getting infected with the virus to a bacterial infection from a cut. That does contradict Rick's statement in the second episode of the first season, where he instructed Glenn and the others to make sure that none of the zombie blood and guts gets rubbed into the skin.
The second half to season five premieres in February.
As Kirkman shot down the theory of contracting the zombie virus through sex, Contracted, starring Najarra Townsend, is the only movie that explores the possibility.
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