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article imageHonest Game Trailers takes a jab at the 'Diablo' trilogy

By Stan Rezaee     Aug 23, 2014 in Entertainment
Role Playing Game (RPG) fans were in for a treat over the weekend when Honest Game Trailers decide to take a jab at the 'Diablo' trilogy.
Jon Bailey once again narrates a parody trailer that takes a jab at the pop culture phenomenon that could only be sumerized as, "The action RPG click feast that gave an entire generation carpal tunnel syndrome."
The episode ridicules the gamer stereotypes that are associated with the games fan base while going back to the beginning of the series before and mocking the technical problems that plagued Diablo III. Most notable was the fan base obsession with collecting new gear or hoping a hacker could duplicate it.
Yet no parody of the trilogy is complete without ridiculing the botched release of Diablo III and how many makeovers the game had to undergo.
Bailey also took the time to mock how gamers ignore the story with a summery the states, "Immerse yourself in the lore as you skip your way through the story of the Diablo universe. An epic tale full of twist and turns that boils down to Hell bad, Heaven good."
Honest Game Trailers are a series of videos on YouTube that mock bad video games and ridicule the plot holes in major tittles. The series is a video game spin-off of the popular Honest Trailers that features the same kind of perspectives on popular movies.
The Diablo trilogy is a hack and slash RPG video game that is set in the world of Sanctuary. Players engage in a battle against the forces of evil that are lead by Diablo. The first game was released in 1996 and it has grown to become one of the best selling PC game series.
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