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article imageHoN developers hold $4,000 map making contest

By Walter McDaniel     Aug 12, 2014 in Entertainment
The video game Heroes of Newerth (HoN) is holding a unique contest for gamers: If you design the best map for their update you can win $4,000 and have your map played by thousands of fans.
For those unfamiliar with HoN, it is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game. In these games you play with two teams, usually with five players each, and attempt to defeat the opposing team by destroying their home base. HoN was the attempt of a few developers to reproduce the game Defense of the Ancients and enjoys a cult following.
Many thought that the game was going to die after a severe drop in playing left the game's servers a ghost town. After a failed PR stunt in which developers allowed Ctrl+Alt+Del creator Tim Buckley to design the Cthulhuphant many believe that it was over for HoN.
However after the game switched to the free-to-play model their fan base increased and the game is thriving. Developers now have money to hold fan contests and expand their content.
Prospective designers can enter the contest by August 27th. You will need to propose a design for the map with a 200 word short description, 1000 word medium and a no-limit full description. Every detail needs to be covered in your proposal from the lanes themselves, to minions and even the victory condition. Contestants from all over the world can propose their own design to the developers.
Entries should also be themed for Newerth as well. Since the game takes place where wizards and elementals clash alongside steampunk warriors any of these makes for a decent theme. Even non-traditional maps for this sort of game such as airship battles could work for a map. We saw some of this with the Crystal Scar from League of Legends.
You can file your entry in here and win one of several prizes. One winner will receive $4,000, another will win $2,500 and finally third place will get $1,500. Maps will be used in the game after the developers look them over and apply appropriate edits.
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