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article imageGameStop wants content designed only for them, only from them

By Walter McDaniel     Jul 10, 2014 in Entertainment
The idea of exclusive DLC from GameStop has been around for some time. Before it was usually released later as normal DLC. Now GameStop executives want exclusives that you can only get by ordering through them.
GameStop would work with individual developers to create content that only they can give to people. Part of game development would now include working on exclusives for individual sellers as well. This is the idea according to a report by VentureBeat.
The idea of exclusive content first arose in games like Soul Calibur 2. Each game had a specific character that you could only get by buying it on a system. Link, Heihachi and even Spawn were only in specific versions. Gamers accepted it fairly well and those complaining were in the minority.
Many gamers are now proving to be a bit upset about this after having said nothing as GameStop filled shelves with often-times purposeless exclusives. A casual glance at this page shows us that exclusives are already deeply embedded in their way of doing business. A few voted with their money by not buying from them. However many more voted in the opposite direction leading to an incredibly profitable time for the company.
Anyone taking offense to this trend had better do something much more drastic than just talk about it. As you can see in the attached video they already have one piece done. From Bungie and Activison no less.
Destiny is almost definitely going to be a success in the mainstream market which will seal their plans on adding this exclusive content to many games. Welcome to the future of gaming, if you didn't buy it in the right place you can forget about some content.
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