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article imageReview: Brilliance of new Silent Hills P.T. teaser Special

By Lance Lasheras     Aug 25, 2014 in Entertainment
Unique, star studded, and undeniably frightening, the new interactive teaser for 'Silent Hills' is a more than just a video game trailer. It's a stroke of genius.
School lunch will never be the same.
When it was originally announced at Gamescom, Hideo Kojima exclaimed that no one would be able to solve the mysteries of his new game (P.T.) for weeks. Debuted as the world’s first interactive teaser, the title was released the same day for PS4 owners at home. Much to his surprise, the game was solved within hours.
P.T. was not just an experiment in horror, but the announcement for the brand new Silent Hill game. At first glance, it appeared the mysteries were over and the curtain had been pulled back. As it turned out, it was only the beginning.
For those unfamiliar with the experience, P.T. is a first-person game where the user continuously walks through the same hallway. At first it's jarring, and immediately feels as if you're trapped inside a dream. As you continue through your first couple of passes, things start to change. It is patient and meticulously crafted to creep inside the user until they're pulled directly into the nightmare.
As usual, the original is better than the American remake.
It is also unforgivably frightening. Most users are unable to play for more than a few minutes, and some give up entirely. Much of the efficacy of the game’s fear comes directly from the hands of Guillermo Del Toro, who worked with Kojima. The question remains however, what makes it so effective?
It's been a week since its release and there is yet to be a single unanimous consensus on how it should be beaten. The game seems to take on unique identities with all its players. Several users report seeing a ghost at the top of a stairwell, while others spend hours trying to find the same spectre. Others claim that different coloured lightbulbs in a flashlight will produce different effects. The most haunting of all the rumours is that players should plug in a microphone and record their screams in order to escape the game.
In the a day and age where the Internet can debunk and solve the majority of riddles, Hideo Kojima has crafted something that is beyond reproach. The true genius of P.T. lies not only in its horror, but also in its puzzles.
Everyone knows the ending to the game; everyone knows the basic idea of how to get there, yet no one achieves it in the same process. Keeping the experience both random and personal has given it a near mythic status. 
Major publications like, Gamespot and Kotaku have all expressed the same sentiment. They provide guides and walkthrough yet none of them have formed a consensus on how to complete the teaser. 
Despite the reveal being over, P.T. continues to dominate the public sphere. In a genre rife with gimmicks, Hideo Kojima's gamble has paid off. It’s the first of its kind. But based on its success, not the last. 
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