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article imageA post-apocalyptic indie interview on InSomnia Special

By Walter McDaniel     Jul 21, 2014 in Entertainment
Lead Developer Anatoliy Guyduk had some time to talk with us after his successful Kickstarter project for the game InSomnia.
InSomnia deals with a space station which was the best, last hope for humanity. Something went wrong and it is now a nightmarish and violent place where people struggle to simply survive. You, the player, have to find out what went wrong and try to save what is left of humanity using courage, skill and intelligence. Dangerous secrets lie hidden in the rust of this game world.
RPG mechanics are crucial to the game and it has a co-op aspect for those who want to play with a friend. Players will gain skills and strength as they explore and find new items to power up their combat capabilities. Puzzles are also a part of the game and players will have to work with the environment to open up new rooms and parts of the station.
Anatolly himself is one of many indie developers at Studio MONO. InSomnia is both their flagship game and the one which will make or break the company. It is so important to them that they use it as their main site. After a failed Kickstarter they dusted themselves off and found success with a new one. Reports on their success are making waves in the indie gaming world as an example of a team never quitting. Here is a bit about their journey towards becoming a major game studio:
Walter: What inspired you to make InSomnia?
Anatoliy: The original idea was born slowly over several years, prior to when we started working on this project. I would just start thinking about the game and how I’d like to play by myself, so I thought about it for 2-3 years, making notes and conceptual sketches ETC. Over time I got together the first overview of the project & this is when I decided that I need to try to make it a reality - not just a fantasy. Once the first design concept was together, I started searching for the team; at first bringing in friends then looking for talent in Russia and then for people all over the world.
Walter: What sets InSomnia apart from titles such as Fallout and Wasteland?
Anatoliy: We were in many ways inspired by the classical Fallouts (1-2), but we are not making another Fallout, we have an original story, characters and events. We have a lot of differences in styling, so I like to think that InSomnia will be different from Fallout 1-2 and wasteland; first of all because all of the references and prototypes are very much stylised, so Fallout and wasteland have a clear prehistory of our real history on Earth, and we have a sort of parallel reality story that is not connected to real history
Walter: Tell us a bit about the reputation system and environmental puzzles.
Anatoliy: There will be different types of reputation systems, with factions, small and big and with different NPCs. You may be good with one of the factions, but if make a poor decision in one of the dialogues with NPCs from the faction and you could end up with a bad reputation with him/her, and this NPC will then become your enemy or will not help you - even if you have a great total reputation with their faction.
Walter: What helped you decide to re-launch your now successful Kickstarter?
Anatoliy: Nothing =). We cancelled our first campaign because we realized all of our mistakes, we get a lot of feedback, we then worked a lot to fix all the mistakes in order to relaunch the KS campaign. We decided to cancel the first campaign just two regroup and try again, re-launching a clearer message and a more concise campaign. One that reflects perfectly our intentions for the game’s setting, the way it plays and of course, the way it looks!
Walter: Do you have any tips for other developers in their own crowdfunding efforts?
Anatoliy: Hmm… I don't know, it is a very complex process. It helps to make a detailed description - it will take a lot of time and text, the only thing I can say it is very important to have a clear vision of the project, not only for the backers but for developers as well. Marketing also helps establish the game’s media presence a great deal.
Walter: What inspirations do your artists draw from for their style?
Anatoliy: We’ve watched a great deal of WW1 and WW2 documentaries and studied a great deal of books. The game isn’t purely dieselpunk, it is a mix of many different genres; noir, dieselpunk, atompunk, Teslapunk, many prototypes we found in documentaries. Retro-futurism of America & Soviet Union; at the same way we need to make it a little more modern than classical retro-futurism. We need to work a lot on styling to put all elements in the places they should be.
As with so many other indie teams to today they have people all over the world contributing to the team. We even have international celebrations of this trend such as IndieCade. If you want to get involved with their Kickstarter there are still a few hours left at the time of this writing.
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