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article imageZombie survival mode in Collado Villalba near Madrid (Video)

By Anne Sewell     Sep 8, 2014 in Entertainment
Madrid - Before you go running for the hills, this was all part of a role-playing game with hundreds of people lurching around like the undead while others tried to escape them, in a town near Madrid. Apparently it was a roaring, lurching and screaming success.
According to ABC (Spanish language), there were two thousand participants in the game, who invaded the streets of Collado Villalba near Madrid, Spain from 11.00 p.m. Saturday through to 7.30 a.m. Sunday morning. Many of them wore the full undead make-up look and inventive costumes, and it is unlikely that anyone in town slept well that night.
The nightmare scenario of the game was an imaginary place where a virus, similar to that in the popular TV series "The Walking Dead," had turned most of the people into lurching and shuffling undead creatures.
Participants had to get through the experience without being touched by one of these monsters and thus "infected" and collect certain items along the way in order to survive.
Apparently the whole thing came from the mind of one Diego de La Concepción, president of World Real Games (WRG). His business began as a mere paintball range and has ended up being one of the most ambitious role-playing games in Spain. And when it comes to games let's face it, who needs a mere computer game when you can play it live and face to rather ugly face?
El Mundo (Spanish language) reports that just to keep the game running smoothly, it takes 150 staff (mostly volunteers), who organize the check in of the participants and their beautifully inventive make-up, right through to the control of the terrifying zombie horde.
The video above is of the 5th edition Survival Zombie held in Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara). Those very effective screams and groans which can be heard reportedly came from professional actors and it all sounds pretty convincing.
According to Álvaro Martínez, WRG head of staff and customer service, they have a 95 percent satisfaction rate with the game so far, although some people end up with mere frustration. He said, "Frustration? Yes, because the player can be infected and removed five minutes into the game or spend hours looking for clues and find nothing."
"The frustration is what makes a real Zombie Survival game. If you take the Zombie Survival as a treasure hunt game, you will end up being removed. We want players who strive to live, get involved, relate to the zombies and the other players," he added.
What is even better, with Spain being the cash-strapped country it is right now, De la Concepción reckons that his role-playing game gives a significant boost to the local economy.
"The town hall pays a minimum that's multiplied by a factor of fifteen in terms of the impact on bars and restaurants. Everything is sourced in local businesses, from t-shirts to theater groups," he said.
Anyone keen to participate the next event is scheduled in Valencia later this month. Details can be found on the official website (in Spanish).
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