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article imageWWE Monday Night Raw Results Special

By Zachary Stallings     Jun 17, 2014 in Entertainment
After a few weeks of qualification matches, two spots were left in the "Money in the Bank Ladder Match." John Cena had an opportunity to qualify against Kane in a "Stretcher Match," and Roman Reigns found a way to get into the qualifying "Battle Royal."
Monday Night Raw kicked off with The Authority announcing to the superstars and the WWE Universe that there would be two qualifying matches to determine the final two entrances in the "Money in the Bank Ladder Match."
Stephanie McMahon announced that there would be a "Battle Royal" to determine an entrance in the match. HHH would go on to say that Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and John Cena would not be involved in the "Battle Royal."
HHH would let Cena know that despite the fact that he was not in the "Battle Royal," he would get an opportunity to get into the match. HHH brought up the fact that his wife Stephanie had promised the fans a "Stretcher Match"; so he told Cena that he did not want to make his wife look like a liar, and made Cena's qualifying match a "Stretcher Match" against Kane.
Roman Reigns had a plan to get into the "Battle Royal." Reigns ran into Vickie Guerrero in the back, as she was bringing HHH and Stephanie McMahon coffee and asked her to put him into the "Battle Royal." Reigns told Vickie that she could do something good for the fans or keep being The Authorities coffee runner. Reigns got Vickie to step away from the coffee and slipped something into it that would later get Stephanie McMahon sick. HHH took his wife to the hospital after she threw up all over Vickie, and he left Vickie in charge. Reigns let Vickie know she would probably get fired next week, which led her to putting him in the "Battle Royal."
The "Battle Royal" would come down to two men, as Reigns and Rusev squared off to see who would get a chance to compete for the championship. Reigns and Rusev would go back and forth for a bit, but Reigns would finally get him on the apron. Rusev would keep him back for a while, but Reigns would go flying toward Rusev, hitting him with a superman punch sending him to the floor, making Reigns the winner of the "Battle Royale."
With Reigns qualifying for the match, there would only be one spot left to fill.
The final qualifying match was between Kane and John Cena in a "Stretcher Match." About half of the "Stretcher Match" was controlled by Kane. Cena would change the momentum a bit when he stopped Kane from striking him with the steel steps.
Cena would trip Kane, causing Kane to hit his head on the steps. Kane would gain the momentum back for a bit, but Cena would regain control after hitting Kane with an AA (Attitude Adjustment) through the announcers table. With Kane down all Cena had to do now was put Kane on a stretcher and push him up the ramp. Cena would carry Kane to the stretcher near the ramp, and just as he was going to put Kane on the stretcher Randy Orton and Seth Rollins would enter.
Orton and Rollins would team up and beat Cena down, but Dean Ambrose would enter to even out the odds. Ambrose took Rollins and Orton out of the equation, but would get choke slammed by Kane right after. Cena would then throw Kane out of the ring. With Kane outside the ring Cena would pick up the steel steps and throw them at Kane knocking him down.
With Kane appearing to be knocked out Cena would push Kane up the ramp toward the line. Just before Cena pushed Kane across the line, Kane sat up. Kane went for a choke slam, but Cena countered into the AA on the stretcher which allowed Cena to push Kane across the line picking up the win.
Cena's victory would now place him in the "Money in the Bank Ladder Match" for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The field has now been filled, with both Roman Reigns and John Cena qualifying on Raw, the "Money in the Bank Ladder Match" is set up and stacked with talent.
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