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article imageWWE Monday Night Raw 11/3/14: The Viper gets stomped

By Zachary Stallings     Nov 4, 2014 in Entertainment
Reviewing the November 3rd edition of WWE's flagship program Monday Night Raw. Highlights from the show, and important events that took place.
Monday Night Raw kicked off with the return of Vince McMahon. Vince McMahon came out to make sure that everyone knew, that for the month of November the WWE Network was free, including the pay-per-view "Survivor Series." Then Vince McMahon made an announcement that would completely surprise his daughter Stephanie, and son-in-law HHH. McMahon added a stipulation to main event at "Survivor Series": If Team Cena beats Team Authority at "Survivor Series" then "The Authority" won't be the Authority anymore.
This announcement put "The Authority" on edge as Stephanie McMahon and HHH started scrambling, trying to figure who could make their team stronger.
Stephanie and HHH would first approach Dolph Ziggler. HHH told Ziggler that if joined Team Authority that he could have anything and everything he's ever wanted. So Ziggler told HHH exactly what he wanted, which was him and Stephanie out of power. That response didn't sit too well with HHH, so he made Dolph Ziggler defend his Intercontinental Championship against Seth Rollins.
Ziggler and Rollins would battle back and forth for a while, but the second Ziggler was about to get the upper hand Noble and Mercury would interfere. The interference would work long enough for Rollins to hit the "Curb Stomp" (Rollins signature move) on Ziggler. Ziggler laid on the mat knocked out, and it looked like Rollins was going to become the new champion, but Orton would come in from out of nowhere to hit an RKO on Rollins.
Orton would go and find HHH demanding a match with Seth Rollins, telling HHH that if he refused to comply he could forget about him being on Team Authority. With HHH not willing to risk Orton leaving the team, he gave him what he wanted, on the condition that Orton stay with Team Authority, and made the match for later on in the night.
Later on in the night the WWE fans would learn that immediately following Raw on the WWE Network Sheamus would defend his United States Championship against Rusev.
The main event on Raw would commence as Randy Orton and Seth Rollins would go one-on-one, with "The Authority watching on.
The match was very good as Orton and Rollins would take turn controlling the match. The only one person that did not seemed to pleased with the match was HHH. Every-time Rollins or Orton would hit a big move HHH would grab his head, seemingly having second thoughts about making the match.
The match would continue to go back and forth when finally Rollins would roll Orton up with a backslide pinning him for the win.
Randy had agreed to put his problems with Rollins aside after the match had finished, but Orton was having trouble coming to grips with that. Orton looked to have calmed down, and everything looked good between him and Rollins, but then Orton would hit Rollins with an RKO.
After the RKO HHH would enter the ring and tell Orton to stop and calm down, but it didn't work, because Orton would strike HHH. Orton would continue to fight "The Authority" but the numbers would prove to be too much.
Kane, Noble, Mercury, and Rollins would gang up on Orton and take him out. First Rollins would "Curb Stomp" Orton on the announcers table, and that seemed to have taken Orton out. But Stephanie told HHH to finish it, and he gave Rollins the order.
Kane put Orton on the base of the steel steps, which allowed Rollins to hit another "Curb Stomp" on Orton, seemingly taking him out for good.
Raw BackStage Pass on the WWE Network:
After Raw went off the air, Sheamus defended his United States Championship in a battle with Rusev. Sheamus fought for as long and as hard as he could, but in the end Rusev proved to be too much.
Rusev would put "The Accolade" on Sheamus. Sheamus refused to tap out, but he could not escape the hold and he passed out. After Sheamus passed out, the referee had no choice but to stop the match, making Rusev the new United States Champion.
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