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article imageWalking Dead Episode 505: Eugene's shocking confession

By Holly L. Walters     Nov 10, 2014 in Entertainment
Spoiler alert. Review contains spoilers for the "Walking Dead" Season 5 episode, "Self Help." Sunday night’s episode of the "Walking Dead" found a part of the group that broke away from Rick’s on a school bus heading to Washington D.C.
The splinter team consisted of Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Glen, Maggie and Tara. Some members of the group (Maggie, Glen and Eugene) seemed to be visibly shaken after the 'Cannibal Holocaust' that took place in the church in the previous "Four Wall and a Ceiling" Episode.
That episode, if you remember, had Rick and the gang getting a little retribution from Gareth's cannibal bunch by hacking them to pieces. Anyone that remembers Gareth's comment about eating little baby Judith probably enjoyed that part of the episode. Anyone doubting Andrew Lincoln's acting chops (the actor who plays Rick) should check out the sinister look on his face and the chilling way he spoke to Gareth before he and his group killed him and his cannibal gang.
Gareth told Rick point blank that the gang would have shot them by now if they meant to kill them. Which, at that point, Rick tells him they didn't want to waste the bullets. That's cold, Rick. It's also part of that "old man strength" Rick possesses that they discussed on the "Talking Dead" show that followed after the episode of "Self Help" Sunday night.
What Makes the Walking Dead a Hit
Critics of the show come in two camps: action and character development. The ones from the first camp want smash 'em up action and lots of zombies, while others like to learn more about their favorite character's story lines and have occasional zombies (not too many, mind you). The first season was heavy on character development and creepy atmosphere -- it's part of what hooked the fans and made it the success it is today.
Here's a flashback to classic, spooky scenes from the first episode -- that hand twisting unnaturally in the hospital cafeteria room through the chained up door that Rick saw as he began to slowly realize something was wrong after waking up from his coma -- Dwayne's reanimated mom vaguely remembering how to turn a door knob. No walker has done that on the "Walking Dead" since then, and that scene terrified the child so badly that he had to scream into a pillow.
All of these character developments and nuances set the bar for a television show that probably wouldn't have made it to the airways 10 years ago. Sunday's episode divided it up nicely between action and character development.
Episode 505: Much Ado About Mullets
There was really stupid stuff discussed at the beginning of the episode. It reminds you of what people would actually be talking about if there was ever a zombie apocalypse and they were riding down the road in a large vehicle (take note, Z Nation). The episode opened up with Rosita telling Abraham that his hair was getting "a little messy."
During the ensuing conversation, it's revealed that the toughest ginger in the apocalypse keeps his sexy lady friend around for many reasons -- one being that she is his hairdresser. Rick needs to get him one of those. Compare Rick's before doomsday and after doomsday photos -- Yikes!
There's some heavy flirting between Rosita and Abraham going on in the bus at the beginning of the show-- he tells her that she is welcome to shave him down all over, "dolphin smooth" anytime. Tara rips on Eugene and tells him that maybe he should visit Rosita's barber shop and get a little taken off the back (translated: lose the mullet).
Eugene is Going to Save the World
There's also some idle banter between Glen, Maggie and Eugene going on at the same time the flirt-fest is happening. Apparently, they got a little bored, so the couple asks Eugene some questions. His answers make us understand why people don't talk to Eugene too much -- because he's REALLY annoying and condescending. Maggie asks Eugene, "How long will it be...after you get on that terminal and do what you have to do?" Eugene replies to that by spouting out, "Depends on a number of factors, including the density of infected around target sites worldwide."
Targets sites...are you talking about missiles? Glen asks him. "That's classified," Eugene replies. Afterwards, Eugene then goes on to really define what demagoguery among people whose I.Q. may be a little lower than yours means. He dazzles them with some climate change speeches and some reasons why he is the best one for saving the world.
You see, Eugene says he's one of a 10-person team that's on the Human Genome Project that holds the key to taking out every last zombie. Whenever he's pressed about specifics by someone, he seems to either spout some type of jargon or say it's classified, however.
How did this guy not get on Rick's radar like the preacher did? Rick knew the preacher in "Four Walls and a Ceiling" had something to hide and stayed on him. We later found out that the preacher let his congregation get ripped apart by zombies while he cowered inside the safety of his church. On the other hand, Eugene sounds like he's lying or just full of it when he talks. Rick probably tuned him out after listening to one of his boring spiels or figured he was Abraham's problem.
The Mission is in Jeopardy
After Eugene is done pontificating, Glen looks at him as if he understands, and says, "Why the hair?" Why, indeed? It appears that mullets are frowned upon in a zombie apocalypse pretty much the same way they are in reality. And just when you think that maybe too much time is being devoted to the subject of mullets, and hair in general, the bus makes a loud banging sound...swerves, hits another vehicle and flies through the air and crashes, landing on its side. The bus had passed a group of zombies before crashing and they start to advance toward the smoking bus.
Next thing you know, they cut to a flashback. Abraham is in a grocery store pounding in some guy's head with a soup can in the empty produce section. He then breaks the guy's neck, and when the camera pans out it looks like he's killed about 3 more guys previously. They lay scattered on the floor around him. Eugene then runs off looking for a woman, calling out her name...Ellen. He then wakes up and realizes that he'd been knocked unconscious for a few minutes in the bus.
Eugene Starts Stalling (Again)
Abraham rouses up everyone on the bus, and for the most part they're uninjured -- just dings and bruises. There's zombies surrounding the bus trying to get in, and the vehicle is on fire. One in particular that's close to Eugene, blocking his way out is really juicy! Try to say this in the honey badger video voice -- eeew there's one ripping his belly out on the bus window glass trying to get in! That's Nasty!
They all get out all right, even though Tara has a close call with one of the lady walkers outside after getting Eugene away from the juicy zombie. Eugene, who was almost too petrified to come out of the bus, helps her dispatch the zombie with a knife that she gave him before they left the wrecked bus. Abraham shows them that he has some pretty bad cuts on his hands. When Maggie turns to go back for the first aid kit in order to treat his wounds, the whole vehicle erupts in flames.
Abraham pushes to keep going forward to DC, regardless and Eugene starts to stall, saying he wants to head back to the church. In "Four Walls and a Ceiling," he did the same thing, and did not want to leave Rick's group. Is the hesitancy just cowardice...or something more? Something's just not right. Abraham convinces them to move forward with the support from Glen.
The team heads out on foot to find supplies and shelter, and the scene cuts to another flashback of a blood-covered Abraham, still looking for Ellen. He finds her cowering behind a cash register with two children. She stands up and turns to look at him and the scene cuts back to the present where the group has found shelter in a book store. Once they're there, Maggie fishes some water out of a toilet bowel with a metal can -- Eugene then plays MacGyver by taking a battery and a chewing gum wrapper and starting a fire -- the group then uses the fire to boil the water and sterilize it. See! He is good for something.
They proceed to secure the building and later Rosita stitches up Abraham's cuts. He makes a last minute sweep around the building and meets Glen at one of the windows where he is standing guard. Abraham expresses his appreciation to him for his earlier support for his decision to move forward to D.C. He tells Glen, "It's at the point that everybody that's still alive is strong now. They have to be. They're either strong and they can help you, so you help them or they're strong so they can kill you. So you've got to kill them."
He says something else, but gets too emotional to finish. He must be thinking about Ellen from the way it sounds. They agree that the world will soon be a better place (referring to Eugene's solution once they get to D.C.). Glen suggests to him that he go turn in since he has late watch. Abraham let's him know that he's going to do that, but he's going to have a booty call first before he does. Glen tells him, "Didn't need to know that, but cool."
Abraham makes good on his promise and proceeds to give some lovin' to Rosita. While they are having sex, Rosita let's Abraham know that Eugene is watching them again, over there in the 'Self Help' section (hence the name of the episode). Abraham laughs and tells Rosita he's harmless. They go about their business, but Tara walks up on Eugene and calls him out for being a peeping tom. Surprisingly, the way he defends himself doesn't make him sound as creepy as it should. He just loves the female body, he says. Post-apocalypse porn, what's the harm? The conversation turns to him saving her life earlier in the day and she thanks him. After talking a while, Eugene drops a bombshell.
Eugene Comes Clean
Eugene tells Tara that he crushed up light bulbs at the church and put it in the fuel line of the bus, causing it to crash. He explains that it wasn't meant to crash like that, but just breakdown. Tara is horrified and asks him why he did it. He thinks the only value he has is if he saves the world, otherwise everyone would let him die. She tells him not to tell anyone or ever do anything like that again. She agrees to keep his secret and lets him know he has value, even if he doesn't save everyone on earth.
Another flashback to Ellen in the grocery store, and she looks almost as bad as the zombies. She's emaciated and looks terrified. He tells her she doesn't have to be afraid. He stopped them. Ellen and the children look terrified, and he ties to convince them (and himself) that everything is OK. They are his family. The next scene cuts to the present. The group is awake in the morning and they are getting ready to leave. They find a fire truck, which is a good thing, because they need transportation and the water that's still in it. Then all hell breaks loose. Zombies come pouring out of a building and head right toward them.
Next, Eugene does the unbelievable. He climbs on top of the fire engine, turns on the water, grabs the hose and starts blasting the rotting zombies to bits with the high-pressure spray. Skulls, rotten clothes and body parts go everywhere! Eugene may be making amends, after all. The scene flashes back to Abraham asleep in the grocery store. He wakes up and find that Ellen has gone and left a note that tells him not to come after them. In a panic, he goes off looking for them.
Then we flash to the present, where Abraham is tinkering with the fire truck that broke down with the group on the road. Maggie starts discussing the mullet again with Eugene. We're saved from more discussion about mullets this time from a horrible stench that the group notices. They walk a little up the road and are alarmed to find out that the smell is coming from a herd of hundreds of walkers. There's no possible way to make it through them, but Abraham refuses to stop. The group pleads with him and tries to force him to stop.
Abraham grabs Eugene's arm and start to pull him toward the river of zombies. Everyone continues to try to stop him, but Eugene himself is the one who finally does. He tells the crazed Abraham, "I lied, I'm not a scientist. I don't know how to stop it." It turns out that Eugene just "knows things, he tells the group. He tells them that he still feels that Washington D.C. is the locale that holds the strongest key to survival.
He goes on to clear his conscience some more, but then he does something very stupid for a man that claims he's intelligent. He turns to a reeling Abraham and says, "Again I know that I am smarter than you, and you may want to leave me here...and at that point Abraham comes unglued and beats Abraham to a pulp. The last flashback finds Abraham encountering Ellen and his two children dead on the ground. They've been torn apart by zombies -- and lay on the ground like broken rag dolls. He rips off his dog tags and throws them down, puts his gun in his mouth and is almost ready to pull the trigger when he hears, "Help me!."
The voice belongs to Eugene who is being pursued by 3 zombies. Abraham walks over and kills the zombies, and this is where the lie started as Eugene tells him of his "important mission" for the first time. Abraham, a military man, needs purpose so it will be interesting to see what he does since his purpose has been taken away from him. It will also be interesting to see if Eugene ever wakes up from the knockout punch Abraham gave him after he found out he lied. The group wasn't so sure at the end of the episode that he'd ever wake up.
As far as this episode goes, it was good -- not the best of the "Walking Dead" episodes. However, there really are no bad episodes, and they all serve to build up the entire arc of the stories that Robert Kirkman created in the "Walking Dead" comics. There was some character development and quite a bit of action packed into the episode,too. It suffered a little bit because some of Abraham's back story regarding his family was trimmed down a little. The men Abraham killed were actually neighbors, and they had actually raped his wife in the comic. There are some critics who feel that the story lines drag on too long on the show -- Herschel's Farm, for example. Others think that some of the good content in the way of character development is sacrificed to allow for more action. Either way, it's a recipe for success for AMC.
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