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article imageVideo: Walking backwards in 2014 on Fiction Frenzy TV show Special

By AR Vasquez     Dec 31, 2014 in Odd News
Vancouver - "Walking backwards to count down the new year", "Behind the Scenes", "The Descended" and "Authors pour their hearts out" are a few of the tongue-in-cheek fun topics on the latest episodes of Fiction Frenzy TV VLog show.
A frenzy of indie artists vLog to viewers from all over the world on Fiction Frenzy TV show, an entertainment show featured exclusively on Digital Journal. New episodes filled with funny sketches and informative videos showcasing indie authors and filmmakers were released on Fiction Frenzy TV's YouTube and Facebook channels.
Fiction Frenzy TV is a reality VLog show where indie artists grapple with their day to day responsibilities while juggling the pressures of achieving success as independent artists. The show not only provides insightful information about the ups and downs of the indie publishing, music and film making business but pokes fun at the artists themselves.
The final episode of the year was inspired by a documentary film of a man walking backwards in Tokyo filmed in reverse. The completed film is nine hours in length.
Man walking backwards in Tokyo filmed in reverse
Ep 11 pt 1: Behind the scenes of the film The Descended
In part 1 of Episode 11, Pinky crashes the set of "The Descended" and meets John Patrick Kennedy (author of Plague of Angels) and his cast. The video also features Jacob A. Ware as "God". Ware, an award-winning screenwriter, is known for his role as Agent Selby of HBO's Boardwalk Empire. Ware notably won a 2014 SAG Award nomination for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for his role.
Ep 11 pt 2 Khaled reveals why he writes ; Christine says no such thing as Writer's Block
In part 2 of Episode 11, Khaled Talib, author of Smokescreen, talks about hearing whispers in his book. Christine Steendam,, author of Heart Like an Ocean, receives an honourable mention at the Ronin Awards for her novella Unforgiving Plains.
Episode 13 pt 2 Meet horror author Deno Sandz
In part 2 of Episode 13, Deno Sandz, author of horror novels gets creative by sharing his poetry and a fun sketch with a scary behind the scenes of his book Icabob Shaw. Sandz introduces viewers to “ICABOB SHAW… he MAKES EVIL RUN SCARED or they DIE."
Behind the Scenes of Fiction Frenzy TV
Watch "Behind the Scenes" of Fiction Frenzy TV to see how some of the special effects were created. Watch bloopers of the show's creative consultant Nicole Ronan, developmental editor Josefina Rosado and Anne-Rae, author of the award winning Among Us Trilogy
Trivia: All videos by the Fiction Frenzy TV team were shot on a Samsung Galaxy S3 cell phone
Ep 14 pt 2 Khaled and his toy spy gadgets
In part 2 of Episode 14 of Fiction Frenzy TV, be entertained by Khaled Talib as he shows off some cool toy spy gadgets.
Ep14 pt1 Nicole says anyone can look like a model with her Slo Mo iphone app
Behind the Scenes: At the weekly Fiction Frenzy TV meeting, creative consultant Nicole Ronan wants to film the episode in "Slow Mo" with her Slo Mo iPhone app. Anne-Rae likes the idea but Josefina the developmental editor says "No way! "
Trivia: This video was shot on a Samsung Galaxy S3 cell phone except for the Slow mo clips which were shot on iPhone 5S's slow mo app.
Contact and press information:
Fiction Frenzy TV VLog show featuring indie artists, filmmakers and musicians is available here on Digital Journal exclusively by AR Films. The main VLoggers are indie authors with featured guest filmmakers, book marketing specialists, musicians and more.
Official Fiction Frenzy TV website:
Youtube channel:
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Producer/Editor: Anne-Rae Vasquez
Executive Producer: AR Films
Visual Effects and Production Equipment by: Joseph Khalil,
Twitter: @write2film
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